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This topic is for AquilaCRS

Software Versions

Component Version Release Date
AquilaCRS (iBID) Latest version 18-Apr-2017
Aquila Server 22-Aug-2016
Aquila Database 39.00 7-Jun-2016

If your software is not on the versions advertised please see How to make sure your software is up to date or contact us for further assistance.

For change information see AquilaCRS Whats New

Software can be downloaded from (login required).

Application URL's

Most problems accessing these URL's are due to them being blocked by firewalls, proxy servers or other web filtering applications. If you are experiencing any issues connecting to these URL's please contact your IT department to request allowing access.

Purpose URL Effective Date
National Database URL ( - N3 only) 30-Jul-2013
Desktop Software Update ( - N3 only) 17-Aug-2015
Bug Reporting ( 1-Jun-2012

The URLs are used internally in the software. To test your access, click the links & if you cannot see the web pages, please contact your IT department to allow access


See AquilaCRS Whats New

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