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Select the Images Button located on the navigation bar, to the left of the folder home page.

Images Button.jpg

An image tab will open, displaying a list of images and their associated details.

Images view.jpg

To view a larger version of the image highlight and select the Open button Open button.jpg on the tool bar.

To enter details of the image select the Data button DataButton.jpg, a properties box will open.

Large Image View.jpg

Fill in the relevant details as necessary.

Once the details are entered Click the apply button, the details entered will be displayed in the Images list.

To make adjustments to the image select the adjustments button Adjustments button.jpg

An adjustments section will appear. slide the tab to alter brightness, contrast and colour.


Click the reset button to revert to the original colour and brightness.

To enlarge and navigate the image select the Zoom and Pan button Zoomandpanbutton.jpg.

A Navigation box will appear.


The navigation box will display the full image with the enlarged portion highlighted.

The focus buttons Highlight buttons.jpg allow the user to highlight parts of the image and check the exposure using the Histogram and RGB Histogram under the Veiw option on the menu bar.


The calibration button Calibration button.jpg allows the user to measure and record an area size.


Once the selected area has been measured, a calibration box will be displayed, enter the value and units using the drop down box. Once the units have been entered all measurements will be displayed in the selected measurement unit.

Zoom Image to Actual Size and Fit Image to Window Buttons Full size&window size.jpg Zoom Image will enlarge the image to full size for great detail. The fit Image to Window button will display the whole image in the center of the screen.

The Grid Button Grid button.jpg lays a grid over the image, the size of the grid displayed will relate to the image calibration in the Image Data Calibration section of Image Data DataButton.jpg

The Delete Button Delete button.jpg will delete the current image. Please note this is a permanent delete and Image can not be retrieved.