Import Image Via Mobile App Service

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A mobile App is available as a download to a mobile device from a link provided upon request.

Once the App is installed on the device click the AqNetPhoto icon AqNetIcon.jpg

The following screen will be displayed.

Screenshot 20161121-154558.png

A scan can be taken from a printout of the patients barcode or directly from the computer screen.

To Scan from the computer

Select the Import Image Via Mobile App on the computer. Tap the device screen and scan the barcode displayed on the computer screen or printout. The computer will now be listening for any images uploaded.

Scan barcode.jpg

Tap mobile device screen to take a photo.

Screenshot 20161121-155442.png

Once an image has been taken touch the blue tick button.


The image will be saved to the image list.

One all required photos have been taken they will be displayed in the image list

Photo list.png

Touch a photo on the device to display the image.

Select the back button < from top left within the App to go back to the image list.

Select the Share button Social-share-symbol 318-25297.jpg at the top right of the screen to upload the images to the relevant patient on the users computer.