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This is a Technical (IT) Instructions topic

The aqRepl.exe command line utility is distributed with the AquilaCRS product and is designed to replicate audit trail records from one application server to another. It is run automatically every few minutes by the AquilaCRS application and the command line results captured & displayed in the software.

In certain circumstances, aqRepl may be run outside of the AquilaCRS application, for instance as part of a batch file or scheduled task.

The command line format is:

   aqrepl.exe {local server url} {remote server url} [switches]



Signifies the Batch size. Replace <number> with a number in the range 50 - 1000. This is how many records are sent to the remote server in one go. Determines responsiveness of the application & can be paired with /R switch.


Repeat count.


Interval between repeats, in seconds.


Repeat until ALL unsent records are sent. Uses /B batch size switch & /I interval, but ignores /R repeat count for obvious reasons.


Runs a single batch on a timer every <number> minutes.


Verbose mode. Produces a lot of output and is ideal for debugging connection problems.


Produces the audit trail statistics. Does not send any records.