Aquila Server Configuration

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This is a Technical (IT) Instructions topic


  • Aquila Server Configuration is located in the Start Menu of your server, under the Aquila Server group.
  • Running the configuration app requires local administrative rights
  • Any alteration to the server config requires AquilaServer to be restarted.
  • This app edits the contents of the AquilaServer.ini file, which is saved on exiting the app.


Service Control

  • The AquilaServer windows service can be stopped, started and restarted by using the buttons at the top right of the application.
  • Any alterations to the configuration must be saved and then the service must be restarted to take effect.


Connection Type

  • Enter the identifier to match your database vendor.
    • MSSQL: Microsoft SQL Server
    • MYSQL: MySQL

Connection String

  • Either type (or paste) the connection string into this field, or use the ... button at the end of the row to build the connection string.

Port Number

  • Enter the TCP port number on which AquilaServer should listen.

Media Library

Media Storage

  • Select the location to store your digital media (images, audio, video, etc).
    • Database Storage: all media files are stored in the database in a binary large object field.
    • File System Storage: all media files are stored in automatically managed folder structure inside the specified Library Path (see below)

Library Path

  • Specify the path to the root of the folder location where your media assets are to be stored.
  • This location should ideally be local to the server on which AquilaServer is running, although UNC paths are allowed.
  • This location should be secure.
    • Ensure there is no unauthorised user access to the folder
    • Ensure there are no network shares applied to the folder or sub-folder.
    • Ensure firewalls are turned on & correctly configured.

Encrypt Media

  • Select yes or no depending on requirements.
  • Defaults to No.
  • Only applies to File System Media Storage.

Misc Config

  • Additional configuration items will appear in this section as the server runs.