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This topic is for AquilaCRS


Auto-correct is enabled by default throughout the software. It automatically correct common spelling mistakes and other common typos. In addition it can be used to your advantage by allowing you to enter your own abbreviations and have them automatically expand on typing. E.g. RTA can be auto-replaced with Road Traffic Accident.

Auto Correct Options

From the AquilaCRS screen (aka Dashboard) open the Tools menu and select Auto-correct options.

The AquilaCRS spell checking component can automatically correct common typing mistakes:

  • Correction of two initial capitals, e.g. ACcident.
  • Automatic capitalisation of first letter of sentences.
  • Correction of accidental usage of the Caps Lock key & optionally disabling the Caps Lock

Replace Text as You Type

You can de-activate this option throughout the software by unticking the Active box.

You can de-activate the spelling checker by unticking the Automatically use suggestions form the spelling-checker

The spell checking component can also make spelling corrections as you type. In this screen you can enter your own corrections to make automatically. You can also use this feature to provide you with an abbreviation function whereby you can store long, often used snippets of text against an abbreviation.


To use the abbreviation, just type the abbreviation into any text field in the software and the AutoCorrect system will replace it with the full text version.

To add an abbreviation:

  1. Enter the abbreviation in the Replace: field
  2. Enter the full text in the With: field
  3. Click the Add button

Use the Delete button to remove highlighted abbreviations if you need to.


There are in some cases exceptions that may need excluding from the above rule.

Click the Exceptions button on the Autocorrect Options box.

Enter the abbreviation to be excluded and click OK