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This topic is for AquilaCRS

About Care Journal

Select from the Patient folder navigation bar the Care Journal is designed to give a complete view of the patients care displayed on a calendar type view.

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It displays the Patients iBID Record, the Dependency Record and any Significant Event (none burn care) the patient has undergone.

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Care Journal Tool Bar

Care Journal Tool Bar.jpg

Open - Highlight the Event or episode required and select "Open" to view,

Refresh - Refreshes the burn care journal.

Go to date - Select the go to date button and a date box will open. Enter date required and shown in Day, Week, or Month. Click Ok for selected date to be displayed.

Goto date.jpg

New Event - Creates a new event please see below.

Group By - Select from No grouping or Group by Type. See No Grouping displayed below.

Group By.jpg

View- Clicking on the View button will alter the selected display form day, weeks, month or year .

  • Clicking on the down arrow beside the View button Displays number of days displayed in the calendar view.
  • Displays the event navigator or the event details tabs to the right of the Care Journal.
  • View also gives the user an option to display daily dependencies or not.

Care Journal View.jpg

Category- Selecting category will open a category window allowing the user to alternate display between Dependency, iBID or Significant Events.


Preview- Click the Preview button and a print preview will be displayed. Click the down arrow next to the Preview button to display the print options along with the report settings and export to PDF option.

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Help- Click the Help button to be taken to the Care Journal Help Page.

Close - Closes the Care Journal and returns the user to the Folder Home.