Creating a Visual Assessment

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Visual assessments can be completed for each stage of a patients care, to record the recovery process.

A visual image of the patients burn injury can be recorded, including severity of burn, date, description notes and keyword, the visual assessment will calculate and record the total burn surface area.

A new visual Assessment can be created within the patient folder from the Navigation Bar, the New button NewButton.jpg on the tool bar or the Pages button on the Menu Bar.

There is also a Visual Assessment within the Burns section of the iBID Record.

Click on the new Visual Assessment button or New Visual Assessment on the Navigation Bar.

A visual assessment diagram based on the Lund & Browder chart will open.


Although the diagram shows the outline of an adult the Burn Surface area will be calculated according to the age of the patient.

The Patients Name, NHS Number, Gender, Date of birth, age and Postcode will be displayed above the diagram.

Enter the Date of assessment in to the Date/Time box by using the drop down calendar or free typing.

Enter the days post injury in to the box provided.

Enter the Title of the injury i.e "Burn to Right Arm".

Enter any notes regarding the injury in the Notes Box.

Select the depth of burn to from Superficial or Deep Dermal

Select the Brush or Fill Tool from the Visual Assessment toolbar.

Brush Tool

When selecting the brush tool the brush size can be adjusted by clicking on the "Tool Options" button on the tool bar BrushSize.jpg and altering the sliding scale.

Use the Erase Button EraseButton.jpg to remove any unwanted drawings or overlaps.

To add finer detail to the Visual Assessment use the "Zoom in" and Zoom Out ZoomInZoomOut.jpgbuttons on the tool bar, the "Pan" button PanButton.jpg will allow the user to locate and view in detail the correct area of injury.

The "Fit" button FitButton.jpg will fit the image to the screen size.

Fill Tool

The Fill tool FillTool.jpg will flood fill any one segment of the body, click on any body part to fill the area with the selected depth of burn.

Select the Clear Tool ClearFillButton.jpg to clear the flood fill from any body part.


The combined Superficial and deep dermal TBSA will be filled in and displayed on the Navigation Bar to the left, and on the Status bar at the bottom of the screen as the injury is mapped.


Keywords can be added to the visual assessment to enable the user to search for patient specifics.

Enter the Key Word or sentence followed by a comma, for instance " Left Leg," will be displayed as - Left Leg X in the keywords box.

Alternatively the From Drawing Button FromDrawing.jpg can be used. The From drawing button will import all body parts affected by the injury into the Keywords box.


Status Bar

Patent information is displayed on the status bar.


Burn Injury TBSA | burn depth and tool currently selected | body area last selected | Patient Gender, age and date of birth.

For further information please see Viewing a Visual Assessment