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The Daily Dependency record is the patents day to day care record while under the care of the Burns team.

Creating a Dependency Record

Daily dependency records were designed to keep a record of each patients day to day treatment, procedures and assessments.


Daily Dependency records are linked to each Ibid Record and a full list of all Daily Dependency records are accessible from the patient folder or the Navaigation Bar.

A new Daily Dependency record can be created by using the NewDependencyRecordButton.jpg.

When more than one Ibid record is in the patient folder an Ibid Record Selection Dialog box will open asking the user to select the record the dependency will relate to.


Highlight the selected record and click OK.

Dependency Records can also be created by the following.

  • By clicking on the Dependency Records on the Navigation tab or
  • Clicking New then selecting New Dependency Record on the folder toolbar

A List of existing dependency records can be viewed by using the DependencyListbutton2.jpg this will open up a full list of dependency records within a new tab.

DependencyFull List.jpg

See also: Entering Dependency Data

See also: Data Grids

Daily Dependency List

The daily dependency records display can be customised to each user preferences.

i.e Record Time & date for most current Dependency Records

The trauma network Id can be displayed first to easily identify the linked Ibid record.

Click the selected title in the dependency record list and drag to preferred location. For more information on Grouping data please follow link to Data Tables

Dependency Toolbar

Refresh Button = RefreshButton.jpg Refreshes the data and updates the Dependency records.

Filtering Button = FunnelIcon.jpg filters the Daily Dependency records, Click the Filtering button and type the item to be filtered by i.e Burn Ward for example, then click out of the field. For all records to be displayed again delete tex

Open Dependency Record Button = OpenIbidButton.jpg Opens the selected dependency record.

Group By = GroupByButton.jpg Enables messages to be group by dragging the title on to the edit line. The view will change to headings selected by group in a tree view. Click on the + next to the title to view further layers of data until the patient data is displayed.


To exit the group by view, drag headings back to list.

Sorting Dependency record Data

Below the Dependency record Toolbar, the title bar holds the headings for the preview of the dependency record. Next to each of the titles there is a filter icon apparent when hovering over each heading. to sort the Daily dependency records by each heading click the filter icon and a filter selection box appears.

Dependency Filter

The Date filter is shown for demonstration purposes, however the filters apply for all fields. Choose the item to sort by, the display will change to show the selected fields.

For more information on Grouping data please follow link to Data Tables

Customising Dependency Record Headings

To customise the display of the daily dependency records, please see Data Tables