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This topic is for AquilaCRS v3


The use of templates enables a speedier data entry process for Daily Staffing data. Please see Daily Staffing for instructions using templates during data entry.

When you first start using Daily Staffing input or you have had local staff level changes, you will want to update your templates.

Modifying Daily Staffing Grid Templates

Launch the template editor by clicking on the Edit Templates button on the Daily Staffing data entry form.

The templates are shown on the left hand side and are grouped by purpose, e.g Daily Staffing, Bed Availability etc. AquilaCRS is supplied with 4 templates for Daily Staffing that cover weekdays & weekends, both with and without a theatre list.

To modify a template, click on it's name in the list and the template will load on the right hand side, as shown:


Field Field Guidance
Template Name The template name field is editable. Provide a short description of the template. Abbreviations recommended. Max length: 100 chars. E.g. "Weekday with Tx List"
Theatre List Tick this box if the template represents a day with a theatre list, when there's likely to be different staff levels. Ticking this box ensures that the template is available for use when the data entry grid has the theatre list ticked.
Days of Week Place a tick against each day of the week to which this template is appropriate. The template will be available for use when the selected date in the data entry form falls on one of the ticked dates.
Staff Level Grids The template editor page shows a representation of the data entry grids into which the default values for that template should be entered. As per the data entry grid, use WTE decimal values up to 2 decimal places. Please ensure you enter data in all 3 grids for each shift.

Modifying Validation Values

  • Click on the Daily Staffing node to show the validation values.
  • Adjust the values as appropriate.

Dailystaffing validation.png

  • The validation values for the daily staffing module are min & max value per WTE cell, per shift and per day.
  • If the per cell values are exceeded, a warning triangle appears in the cell.
  • If the per shift and per day values are exceeded, a warning message is shown below the data entry grids.
  • You may still accept out of range data if needed.

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