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This is a Technical (IT) Instructions topic

Setup the Database

  1. Create an empty SQL Server Database
  2. Download Aquila CRS Database Script for MS SQL Server from (login required).
  3. Unzip to access the database creation script.
  4. Using your tool of choice (usually MS SQL Server Management Studio) run the SQL script against the empty database to create the tables, views and to pre-populate configuration data.
  5. Create a new login that the application server can use to access the database. See Creating a SQL Server Login for details. Alternatively you can use Windows Authentication for the application server which does not require an SQL login.

Make a note of the server name, database name & login details for the application server installation.

Application Server Installation

  1. Download the Aquila CRS Server vN.N.N Full Install from (login required).
  2. Run the installation wizard.
  3. Enter your server and database name, click Next.
  4. For SQL Authentication mode enter your SQL userid and password. For Windows Authentication mode leave both fields blank. Then click Next.
  5. Continue the installation wizard until complete.
  6. Open the port 8099 on your servers firewall. (The port number is changeable if necessary).

The settings filename is aquilaserver.ini if you need to make any changes - always restart the AquilaServer service once changes have been made to this file.

Desktop Software Installation

  1. Download the Aquila CRS Desktop vN.N.N Full Install from (login required).
  2. Run the installation program and enter the URL of the application server when prompted. It takes the form of http://applicationservername:8099/bin (The Server URL can also be entered on the application login screen).

The setup program accepts a number of command line switches that may be useful to a system administrator - see Setup Program Command Line Switches for more information.

First time Login for iBID users

Designated system administrators at each site will receive an initial administrator level login separately.

  1. Go to the IBID Installation and Setup page.
  2. Register your IBID System:
    1. Enter your IBID Unit ID and click Register. This will open IBID features in the software and also test connectivity to the National Database.

System administrators can now create additional standard users. It is highly recommended that the system administrator creates another administrator level user for themselves.


To get assistance or discuss any aspect of the installation please raise a ticket on our helpdesk system, or call 01964 503400.

Web Service URL's

AquilaCRS needs to access certain web services, & the following domains need adding to the whitelist on your firewall/proxy server in order to prevent system failures:

1. - the current base URL for the National Database - please note the use of SSL.
2. - for bug reporting, help files and helpdesk systems.

Failure to allow these websites through firewalls and proxy servers can adversely affect the performance and data commissioning abilities of the software