Event Stats Dashboard

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About Event Stats Dashboard

Event Stats dashboard will open by default, no user name or password is needed.


Menu Bar


The menu bar displays five options each with a drop down list some that replicate the options on the Navigation bar.


Import CSV - Imports CSV file, see "Import CSV" for further details

Open CSV Legacy - Opens source documents library

Save CSV Data - Saves the CSV Data

Save CSV Data As

Save Results - Saves Results to selected folder, choose the relevant files to save or "save all" to save all results to folder.

Save Spreadsheet
Save Pivot
Save Chart Image
Save Results Data
Save all to Folder


Only active for SCV Source Data

Copy - Copies selected data

Cut - Cuts Selected data

Paste - Pastes Selected Data

Select all - Selects text

Preferences - Opens a preference box with the following options

CSV Options
Tickboxes to Show Options on Import
Analysis Options
Allows user to Fix Chronology, swaps incorrect date pairs where second date is later than the first.
Fixes Missing Dates where one date is entered option assumes a single day admission.
Save Options
Creates a subfolder for the active group value.
Displays the active Project Name
Allows user to select an output folder for Save all Option
Error Options
Tickbox to log all inconsistent records
Tickbox not to log out of date ranges
Graph Options


Save CSV Data - Saves any changes made to CSV Source Data.

Save CSV Data As - Saves CSV Data to selected folder


Run Analysis - Runs the analysis of the selected data, for further information see Analysing data

Show Results - Displays the Analysis results.


Toggle Search Field for Source Data - Click to enable Search field for the source data in "CSV Source Field" table, click again to disable.

Toggle Search Field for Results Data - Click to Enable search for results in "Results Data Table", Click again to Disable.


Getting Started - Takes user to the online help system Getting Started page

Contents - Takes user to the online help system,contents page.

Test Error Handling - Creates an error report to submit any issues or errors.

About - Information regarding EHS