Getting Started with AreaCalc for Burns

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Area Calc opens with a Lund and Browder image displayed.

Front Screen.jpg

Brush Button.jpgChoose "Paint Brush" or Fill Button.jpg"Fill" located on the left of the app to enter detail in to the image.

Delete Brush.jpg Choose Erase Brush or Delete Fill Button.jpg Erase Fill to Delete detail.

Zoom buttons.jpg Use the zoom in, Zoom out and back to normal buttons to add finer details.

Once zoomed in on the image the click the right right mouse button to pan image, alternatively and for tablet use, the Cross arrow button.jpg will pan the image with left mouse button or finger.

Brush size.jpg To alter the thickness of the brush slide tab left or right.

Layers.jpgThe paint layers are displayed in two colours, Pink for partial thickness burn, Red for full thickness.

Burn Percentage.jpg the burn percentage will be displayed at the bottom left of the page as painting takes place.

FillType.jpg The burn severity selected will be displayed on the status bar.

New.jpg New image button.

Open.jpg Open folder button.

Save.jpg Save button.

Patient Profile

Patient details.jpg Located on the status bar click the Patient icon to display the Patient profile.

The patients age is set at 18 and weight at 70kg by default.

Patient profile.jpg

Enter Patient profile, including the time of injury and time of assessment, the patients age, weight and gender.

From these details the patients fluid requirements will be calculated.

Enter any other relevant information in the the "Other Information" box.

Fluid Requirement

Click Fluids.jpg located on the status bar, to reveal the patients fluid requirements

Filled in Fluid Information.jpg

The patients fluid requirements are displayed, use the drop down list to alter the patients hourly fluid rate, calculations will be adjusted accordingly.