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In common with many areas of medicine, there is an acceptance by clinical burn care teams that the collection and analysis of accumulative data about clinical cases is necessary to allow progress in several areas of service development and delivery. This is particularly important for injury prevention and the improvement of patient outcomes. Collection of such data must be standardised, as much as possible, if the results of any analysis are to be useful, rather than misleading.

The list of the historically available data sources and a brief indication of their respective limitations were considered in the National Burn Care Review (NBCR, March 2001 - available from the downloads page), which concluded that a full picture could not be achieved without creating a specific registry to collect detailed information about burn injury.

In 2004 the UK National Burn Care Group (NBCG) funded the creation of the UK.NBID, which included the creation of the iBID data collection system plus the infrastructure to support it. In April 2005, the data collection and analysis began. The design of the iBID software was based on recording what happens clinically following burn injury and to extract from that service management information that can be used for many purposes.

Aquila CRS was designed specifically with these goals in mind. Linking patient care records with demographics and daily dependency creates a fully comprehensive record for analysis, reports and trends.