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Editing IBID Burn Injury Fields

The burn dataset is designed record the following

  • The location of the burn on the patient's body
  • TBSA (Total burn surface area) for each of the differing depths of burn, as assessed at the burn service,
  • any contamination and treatment given.

It is recommended that the Lund & Browder diagram is used to automatically fill in the TBSA and body area fields. Where this is not possible use the drop down lists to record the areas affected.

Warning: A Lund & Browder Visual assessment chart with more than 0% TBSA will overwrite the data 
previously entered in the Burn Injury fields. 


(Theme used Lilian)

For further information regarding the Lund & Browder Visual Assessment, please follow link to Visual Assessment, to create a Visual Assessment please see Creating a Visual Assessment

PSU Assessment


Primary and Secondary Survey Results - This is a free type box to record the characteristics of the injury.

SF/SD (Superficial or Superficial/mid-dermal thickness) BSA (Burn Service Assessment) - Enter the TBSA (Total Burn Surface Area) of the superficial and superficial dermal portion of the injury, as assessed at the burn service. This characterises the area of skin injury that is, on assessment felt to be capable of spontaneous recovery. Recognition is made that the depth of injury may change with time.

FT/DD ( Deep dermal or full thickness) BSA (Burn Service Assessment) - Enter the TBSA (Total Burn Surface Area)of the deep dermal and full thickness portion of the injury, as assessed at the burn service. This characterises the area of skin injury that is, on assessment felt not capable of spontaneous recovery and is likely to require resurfacing or a protracted period of dressings.

Total BSA - This is a calculated field using data entered in the SF/SD BSA and FT/DD BSA giving a TBSA of the injury, as assessed at the burn service. This is a KPI required field

Other Anatomical Injuries - Free text field to list all other (non-burn) injuries sustained.

Areas Involved by Injury

Areas Involved by injury fields were created to give a map of all areas affected by the burn and the burn severity.


Choose from the drop down list, details of the depth to which the injury extended in the area of the body affected. The item that describes the deepest injury recorded should be chosen.


Contamination and Injury Details


Contamination - Choose from drop down list the severity of contamination present at time of assessment.

Non-burn Trauma - Tick box if the patient has a none burn wound at the time of assessment.

ISS Value - Enter the Injury Severity Score if know at the time of assessment.

Injury Details- Enter further details of the injury in the free text field.

Tick the relevant boxes to confirm treatment given. Choose the "Uncheck All" box if none of the above have been administered.

Photo Record of all injuries taken - Tick box to confirm photographs have been taken of the injury.

Specific Facial Notes - Free type field to record any additional notes or information regarding the patient's facial injury.

Dominant Side - Choose from drop down list the patients dominant side.

Specific Hand Notes - Free type field for any additional information regarding the patients hand injury.

If the patient needed resuscitation at the time of assessment, a resuscitation field will need to be completed, for more information regarding resuscitation please follow link to IBID Resuscitation.

If no Resuscitation was needed a co-existing disorder field will need to be completed, for further information on co-existing disorders please follow link to IBID Co-Existing Disorders

Editor Types

Date Editor

Can free type date or select from drop down calender. Enter "Today" or press "Clear to exit without entering data.

Time Editor

Can free type time or use scroll bars at the right of data field.

Date & Time Editor

Free type date dd/mm/yyy and time 00.00, or drop down list. Choose "today" button if event was day of inputting data or "Clear to exit field without data entered.

Drop Down / Lookup List

The Lookup List is a collection of common names, places, catagorys, or other types of information that can help you choose a required field. Click on the down arrow to the right of the data field, highlight the relevant information to enter.

Staff Drop Down / Lookup List

Populated by staff names entered as "Users" in Administration.

'Yes/No/(Don't Know Drop Down

A special kind of drop down list to allow a clearer selection of yes, no & don't know when compared to the tick box. Used predominantly in the iBID editors, but due to roll out to all data-entry fields. Input via keyboard can be acheived by pressing Y or N on the keyboard.


Checked - Positive with a known value = 1.

Unchecked - Negative with a known value = 0.

Gray - Don't know with a value = null.

Please note: Check boxes are grey (Unknown) by default.

Postcode Editor (2 part)

Free type 1st part of postcode letters and numbers.

Free type 2nd part of postcode numbers and letters.

Text Field

A free type field to enter as much detail as possible.

(Note: Max 255 characters)

Memo Field

A free type field to enter as much detail as possible (Unlimited chars)

Automatically Filled in Fields

Sometimes shaded, Aquila will fill in these fields automatically from the data entered in previous fields.