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Patient folders are created to record any episode of care a patient has for each specialty. An episode can be a burn, plastic surgery procedure or specialist care by a burns team. A patient folder forms the central point of the patient record overall. Each patient folder may have one or many medical specialties linked to it. In the case of iBID only the Burn Injury specialty is included.

The folders are a central hub for each patient record, and will link to the patient demographics, contain the patient's iBID episodes and link the patients daily dependency care to the patient record.

Patient Demographics

Below the toolbar and above the folder a summary of the patient's demographics are displayed, and these fields contain all relevant personal patient information.


If the information here needs to be edited, click the "Edit" button to do this. If no changes are required, click the "Dismiss" to minimize the patient's demographic information.

For further information regarding "Patient Demographics" please follow link Patient Demographics

iBID Records

The iBID records section of the Patient folder is situated under the Folder Home tab.


An iBID record can be created or edited from the iBID record fields by clicking the NewIbidButton.jpgNew iBID Record button.

To open an existing iBID Record, click on the OpenIbidButton.jpg Open iBID button, all saved iBID records are shown as a card by default in the field below, to minimize the card view use the "Large View" button on the iBID record tool bar.

For a full list of patient iBID records the Ibid list button.jpg button will open a full list of patients iBID Records in another tab.


For further information regarding iBID Folders follow link to About Patient Folders

Daily Dependency


On the "iBID Folder Home" the daily Dependency records can be viewed by using the "Dependency list" Button or clicking on "Dependency Chronology" Button for a list of present and missing dependency records. Alternatively the Dependency Record's button on the Navigation Bar will display all dependency records for selected patient.

DependencyFull List.jpg

For further information regarding daily dependency please follow link Daily Dependency

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