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This topic is for IBID

Summary of Care Fields

Located on the Navigation Bar to the left of the dashboard screen,DashboardPatientToolbar.jpg


Or on the Patient Folder & Patient Ibid Record, navigation bar.

The IBID Summary is a 'Read only' dataset for all In Patients or Out Patients records, depending on the tab open when summary is pressed, also available on the Navigation Bar in each patient folder for viewing individual patient summaries.

The Patient summary is designed to give a one screen view of patient care, using crucial fields from a patient's admission through to discharge, using automatically generated fields from IBID Demography, IBID Causation, IBID Referral, IBID Admission, IBID Complications, IBID Discharge, & IBID Follow Up.

Please Note: There are no editable fields in IBID Summary


Located at the bottom of the Ibid Summary there are fields displaying the patient's latest Daily Dependency details.


Tool Bar

Prior, Next, Arrow Buttons - Enables the user to assess each patient's history by scrolling between IBID Record summaries.

Refresh - Click the refresh button to reassess for any updates or changes to the patients record.

Filter & Clear Filter - Click Filter button to create a patient search, search fields will appear consistent with the summary fields displayed.


Open IBID Record - Opens the relevant patients ibid record.

Latest Dependency - Opens the relevant patients latest dependency.

Demographics - Opens the relevant patients demographics.

Folder - Opens the relevant patients iBID Folder.

Fit Columns to Width - Changes the column width to fit the screen.

Expand All - Expands each category for viewing purposes.

Collapse all - Collapses all categories, click on the cross in the left top corner to expand each category for ease of viewing .


Print- Allows printing of the ibid summary for instances where paper records are needed.

Print preview - Allows you to alter the print preferences and set up.

Help - Transfers users to the Aquilla Help system.

Close - Will close the IBID Summary fields.

Latest Dependency fields

The lower section of the Ibid Summary displays information for the last Daily Dependency record entered.


The 1st rehab screening is displayed from the first rehab screening recorded only, any subsequent rehab screening on a newer Daily Dependency record will not be displayed.