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On the image toolbar there is a Data Button DataButton.jpg clicking this button will open the Image Data Information section.

Record P1 Tab



The image type and size is displayed at the top pf the P1 Properties section.

Title - Free type box enabling the user to give the image a title.

Description - Free type a description of the image.

Image Quality - Rate the image clarity & quality from 1 to 5

Audit Tick box - Tick the box to flag for Audit

Research Tick box - Tick the box to flag for Research

Image Calibration & Grid

Units - Enter the units used in the image calibration Units.jpg

  1. Horiz. Grid Lines - Enter the number of horizontal grid lines required and click the Apply button Apply.jpg


Postcode - Enter the patients Postcode, click the Geocode button Geocode.jpg to enter the GPS Data. Where only GPS data is available, this can be entered on the Record P2 tab and the postcode will be generated.


This is a searchable field. Type the associated keywords in to the Keywords field separated by a comma, this will save the keywords shown as "Burn X" for example.

The image taken and uploaded date and user Id will automatically be entered for audit purposes.

Record P2 Tab


Meta Data

Most of the Meta data fields are automatically filled in from the image information supplied by the camera. These fields can be adjusted or manually filled in if needed.

Images uploaded directly from devices into Aquila will have both the uploaded date and the date the image was taken.displayed. This is entirely dependant on the "date taken" being available in the image metadata, which is usually the case for cameras.

This can be seen when the image is open, press the "data" button to open the side-panel. There will be a date-taken field just under the large description field, and there will be an uploaded-date field at the bottom of that page. Open the "Record p2" and "Image Tags" pages shows the rest of the meta-data such as make/model of camera for instance.

Images captured from scanners do not have a date taken.

GPS Data

The GPS data is take from the postcode filled in on the Image Data Record P1 tab. Where only GPS data is available this can be entered manually, when the Geocode.jpg button is pressed on Record P1 the postcode will be entered.


These fields are generated when the image is uploaded.

Raw Image Tags Tab


Image Basics are taken from the image and show the file type, dimensions and depth of colour.

Linked Record Tab

The Linked Record tab displays the Trauma network ID of the linked IBID Record or the date of the Significant Event that the Image is linked to.


The IBID record information displays a summary of the linked IBID Record from the Date of Injury to the Discharge Date.

To make any additions or alterations to the information in the Linked IBID Record section the IBID record will need to be edited. to open the IBID record use the OpenButton.jpg

Linked SignificantEvent.jpgThe Significant Event information displays the date of the significant event and the patient observations at the time of the event.

To make any alterations or additions to the information in the Linked Significant Event use the OpenButton.jpg

Once any changed have been made the refresh button, a refresh timer will display the length of time the refresh took RefreshButton&AndTimer.jpg

Image Data Footer


Any validation messages relating to the image data will be displayed at the bottom of the linked IBID Record tab. For further information regarding Validation Messages please see Validation Message List

Use the RevaidateImageData.jpg to revalidate the Image Data.

The Apply.jpg will apply and save the information added, the Image Data section will close when this button is used.

Use the CloseImageData.jpg to close the linked Image Data section.