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This topic is for AquilaCRS


The iBID Per User installation is intended for non-IT users who wish to install iBID on their PC.

  • Requires no special Windows permissions to install
  • Software will automatically upgrade
  • Not recommended for Citrix or other thin-client installations.
  • Software installs to your user profile only -- cannot be accessed by other users on that PC

Download iBID

  • Go to & login using your credentials for this website. If you do not have a login for the website please contact us and we will create a user account for you.
  • Go to Downloads > IBID Software Downloads > IBID Desktop Software and download the file called AquilaCRS v1.2 PER USER Setup (32-bit) to a folder on your computer. Please make a note of the name and location of the file as you will need to locate it in the next step.

Unzip/extract the setup

  • Locate the file you just downloaded (Windows may list it as a compressed folder).
  • Extract the file using either the capability built-in to Windows or use specific ZIP software such as WinZIP or 7zip.
Unzip a file in Windows XP

Open My Computer, and then locate the compressed folder.

To extract the file, double-click the compressed folder to open it. Then, drag the filefrom the compressed folder to a new location.

To open My Computer, click Start, and then click My Computer.

You can identify compressed folders by the zipper on the folder icon.

If the file is protected with a password, you must provide the password before the file can be extracted to the folder you specify.

When you extract a file, a compressed version remains in the compressed folder. To delete the compressed version, right-click the file, and then click Delete.

When you extract a file from a compressed folder that is password protected, the extracted file is no longer protected.

Unzip The Files in Windows 7

Right-click on the Zip file and choose Extract All

Choose a location for the folder to be extracted into

If you checked "Show extracted files when complete", the files or folders within the Zip folder appear. If you unchecked the box, a folder or file with the same name (without the Zip) should appear. This folder will be your working copy of the data from the Zip file.

You may keep the Zip file or delete it.

Unzip the Files in Windows 8

Locate the compressed folder that you want to extract files or folders from.

Do one of the following:

To extract a single file or folder, double-click the compressed folder to open it. Then, drag the file or folder from the compressed folder to a new location.

To extract the entire contents of the compressed folder, right-click the folder, click Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

Run the Setup

  • Start the installation by double-clicking on the extracted file: AquilaCRS-32_1.2_setup_32-bit_Per-User.exe
  • Please answer Yes when asked Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?; make sure the message is digitally signed from Evolution Healthcare Systems Limited
  • When you are asked for the Server you will need to enter the URL specific to your site.
    • This will likely take the form of http://<yourservername>:8099/bin. Please contact us for the server url for your location. The server url can be changed at the login screen, so it's not vital to get this right during the installation.

Next step: Login to AquilaCRS

Upgrading AquilaCRS (IBID)

The software checks once each day for new upgrades from [[1]]. See Aquila Software Status for the latest software version information and how to ensure you are up to date.

See also: Aquila Software Status