Linking Dependency with IBID

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About Daily Dependency

Within each patient care folder there are Ibid Records regarding the patient's Injury or episode, linked to each Ibid Record there are Daily Dependency records regarding the patient's daily care requirements, procedures and theatre interventions. For ease of use the Daily Dependency records are linked to the Ibid record by date and record type.

 User must create an IBID record before creating Daily Dependency records
Daily Dependency

Daily Dependency Header

It is vital from an information analysis perspective that the Dependency record is correctly linked with the associated iBID record. Where only one iBID record exists this is done automatically.

Where two or more iBID records exist an iBID selection window will appear.

IBID selection window.jpg

Select the iBiD record the Daily Dependency is to be linked to and click the OK button.

Once the Ibid Record has been linked, details of the linked record will be displayed in the Linked Ibid Records box at the bottom of the Dependency Header. The Dependency Header will be displayed throughout the dependency record regardless of the dependency tab open.

For further information regarding Daily Dependency records please follow link to Daily Dependency