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This topic is for AquilaCRS

Logging In

Start the AquilaCRS app to see this screen:


To login:

  1. Type your username and password as provided to you by your local system administrator. Passwords are case sensitive.
  2. Click Login or press the Enter key.


  • If your login fails 3 times or more, the application will be closed and you will have to restart it. (see footnote)
  • If your login fails 6 times consecutively, your user account will be disabled and you will need to contact your local system administrator to reset your password. (see footnote)
  • If your login fails due to an incorrect username or password you will receive an Invalid Login Details error.
  • If your login fails and you do not see the Invalid Login Details message, there may be other issues. Please report the error message at www.EvoHelpdesk.co.uk.
    • Clicking on the error message will copy the exact text to the clipboard, so that you can paste it into the helpdesk case description. (available from version 1.2 & above)
Altering the connection details is not recommended unless you are advised to do so by a technical support representative.

Footnote: these are standard requirements of all clinical systems in order to protect the database against malicious attacks

Once logged in to Aquila CRS, the dashboard is opened by default, for further information regarding the dashboard please follow link to Ibid Dashboard

Editor Types

Date Editor

Can free type date or select from drop down calender. Enter "Today" or press "Clear to exit without entering data.

Time Editor

Can free type time or use scroll bars at the right of data field.

Date & Time Editor

Free type date dd/mm/yyy and time 00.00, or drop down list. Choose "today" button if event was day of inputting data or "Clear to exit field without data entered.

Drop Down / Lookup List

The Lookup List is a collection of common names, places, catagorys, or other types of information that can help you choose a required field. Click on the down arrow to the right of the data field, highlight the relevant information to enter.

Staff Drop Down / Lookup List

Populated by staff names entered as "Users" in Administration.

'Yes/No/(Don't Know Drop Down

A special kind of drop down list to allow a clearer selection of yes, no & don't know when compared to the tick box. Used predominantly in the iBID editors, but due to roll out to all data-entry fields. Input via keyboard can be acheived by pressing Y or N on the keyboard.


Checked - Positive with a known value = 1.

Unchecked - Negative with a known value = 0.

Gray - Don't know with a value = null.

Please note: Check boxes are grey (Unknown) by default.

Postcode Editor (2 part)

Free type 1st part of postcode letters and numbers.

Free type 2nd part of postcode numbers and letters.

Text Field

A free type field to enter as much detail as possible.

(Note: Max 255 characters)

Memo Field

A free type field to enter as much detail as possible (Unlimited chars)

Automatically Filled in Fields

Sometimes shaded, Aquila will fill in these fields automatically from the data entered in previous fields.