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To request a username and password for the Burn Care Standards please contact us by following this link

The care standards application can be accessed by visiting

Enter the supplied username/password in to the Username and Password fields as shown below then click the "Sign In" button.

Login screen.png

The Care Standards home page will be displayed showing a list of existing assessments (if any) for organisations to which your user is assigned.


On the tool bar at the top of the screen you will see the main menu:

  • Assessments
    • "My Assessments" - will display your list of assessments.
    • "New Assessment" - allows you to create a new assessment. You should only have one active assessment at a time.
  • Standards
    • "View the Standards" - this displays the latest Burn Care Standards in a printer friendly format.
  • Help
    • "Quick Start" - navigates to this page
    • "Contents" - main help contents
    • "About" - shows an information page about the software.
  • Your name (your email address)
    • "Account" - allows you to update your accounts' contact information
    • "Logout" - logs out of the application

Creating A New Assessment

To create a new assessment click the New assessment button NewAssessmentButton.jpg or open the "Assessments" menu choose "New".

A new assessment properties screen will open as shown below.


  • Select the organisation for which the assessment is due. The Age Group, Designation and Assessment Type will automatically be completed.
  • Check that the Age Group & Designation are appropriate for your organisation
    • If you suspect that your admission age group and designation are incorrect, please contact us before proceeding
  • Once the assessment has started these fields will be saved and no longer editable.
  • The date started, reviewed and submitted will automatically be filled in at each stage of the process.
  • Make any commentary you feel necessary in the relevant comments sections on the right.

Press the "Questions" button to open the assessment.

Assessment Overview

  • A list of sections and standard numbers will be displayed along with a progress bar to display the progress of each stage of the assessment.
  • Click the "Self Assessment" button to display your last opened question, or the first question if this is your first time
  • You may also navigate to a specific standard by clicking on the appropriate standard number in the list.
  • Once a standard has all mandatory scores the number becomes bold.
  • Standards without all mandatory scores are shown in italic.
  • When all your scores and evidence has been entered, you can click the "Submit Scores and Close" button. This will alert the reviewer that you are ready for the on-site visit.
    • Once closed, no further edits can be made to the evidence or scores.
  • The Properties button will open the Assessment Properties where you can edit your comments at any time.
  • To return to your list of assessments, click "Back to Assessments List".

Note that standards numbers may not be consecutive; questions are filtered based on the designation and age group of your organisation


Answered QuestionsBold.jpg

Answering Questions

  • Each standard has a one or more questions that require a score and evidence in text form.
  • Using the "Next" button will take you to the next set of questions. The next button is disabled until all scores are entered.
  • To skip a question use the number line at the bottom of the page to navigate to a specific standard.
  • To return to the Assessments overview page, press the Save & Close button at the top right.