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This topic is for AquilaCRS

Editor Options


Editor Options

Option Value Description
Hot Track Borders True or False If true, field borders become thicker as they receive the input focus. May visually assist in locating the input focus.
Null Checkbox Style Grey Checked (recommended) Displays null values in certain checkboxes as a dark grey check mark on a light grey background. In certain parts of the application checkboxes have three states: True, False and Null, with Null representing the don't know state. This setting controls how the Null value is displayed.
Inactive Displays null values in checkboxes as an inactive or disabled checkbox. In certain parts of the application checkboxes have three states: True, False and Null, with Null representing the don't know state. This setting controls how the Null value is displayed.
Date Editor Input Style Standard This type allows free entering of dates in recognised formats. There are no fixed character positions. You must type the '/' character yourself. Supports "smart input" like 'today', 'yesterday'
Masked Each character position in the Masked Edit control maps to a placeholder of a specified type, or to a literal character. This type forces the entering of dates in fixed formats, e.g. dd/mm/yyyy. The '/' characters are already in place for you. Does not support "smart input" like 'today', 'yesterday'
Expression (recommended) This type allows free typing of dates, but adds slashes for you automatically. Supports "smart input" like 'today', 'yesterday' also. This is the recommended date input type.
Drop Down on Type True or False Alters drop down list behaviour when typing into them. If true, the list drops down when you start typing and highlights the closest matching option. If false, the closest matching option appears in the field, but the list does not drop down.
Pre-Validate Date Fields Tickbox Place tick in the box if the fields need pre validation, this is recommended for MS SQL Servers. No tick will not pre validate the fields automatically

Sample Editors


Displays a sample of the editors chosen from "Editor Options" once selected these options will be used in AquilaCRS


To personalise your version of Aquila there are 22 different themes for you to choose from.

From bright summery themes to dark backgrounds with white writing, perhaps a valentine or christmas theme to remind you of the coming seasons.

Touch Mode - Tickbox for use with a touch screen device.

Click "Apply" to save options chosen.

System Options


This page displays the software version information, and also the various folders on your computer, only some of which are used by the software.

Reload Config Data

Your software stores some configuration data locally on the PC. This stored configuration data is renewed once per week from the server and in the meantime is used to help speed up the operation of the software by reducing the network traffic. Occasionally this data may become out of date due to a software upgrade and this option clears out the stored data and restarts the software to download fresh data. Under normal circumstances you will not need to take this option.

Get Program Updates

Your software should automatically check for new updates once per day on start up. If you're aware of a new version and you haven't received it yet, then you may click this button to initiate the download of a new software version. The application will download the new software and then close immediately. Please ensure you have saved any outstanding edits



This page displays the various URL's Aquila needs to access to operate and update effectively.

It provides information on available services to the desktop application.

Use this page to test the connection to that service and also the show the currently published values.

Click the Ping button and wait for the response.

If you encounter any problems please contact us.

This information may be useful in debugging problems with your software.