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This topic is for AquilaCRS

Commonly Used Phrases Shortcut

AquilaCRS is equipped with an AutoCorrect system that primarily automatically corrects common spelling mistakes. This system can also be utilised to provide a text-shortcut, or abbreviation method.

When an abbreviation is stored in the application, you can simply type the abbreviation in any text field and the AutoCorrect system will replace it with the full text version.

To add a text shortcut click on the "Tools" icon on the Menu Bar.


A drop down menu will appear, choose Autocorrect Options.


An Auto Correct box will appear, make sure the Replace Text as You type active tickbox is ticked.

Enter the abbreviated version in the "Replace" field and the full sentence in the "With" field. Click add, then ok.

This enables often used phrases to be typed in short hand, for instance "HWS" will be changed to "Hot Water Scald" or "accspil" to accidental spillage of.

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See Auto-correct Options for more information on adding custom abbreviations.