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Validation Errors are messages provided by the software intended as a guide to the quality of data in the database. As each field value is changed that field is checked against a list of rules held in the software.

If the value in that field should fail validation on any of those rules, a message will be generated and saved along with your data.

How Serious are Validation Errors?

Validation errors are simply an indication of the quality of your data. There are no penalties or adverse affects associated with a validation error. View them as an indication of data quality.

Accepting Validation Errors

If the data you have entered is correct, yet still fails validation, you can accept this and optionally enter a note as to the reason. There are two ways to do this.

1: From a validation error list

  • Double click on the validation error in the list, or highlight it and press Open...
  • Enter something in the Comments field
  • Tick the Accept Error? field
  • Press Save

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Accepted validation errors can be re-shown by pressing Incl OK button on the toolbar. This toggles accepted validation errors on/off in the list.

2: Interactively within a data editor screen with an embedded list of errors

  • In the list of validation errors, tick the box in the Accepted column for the validation error
  • Put your cursor into the comments field and add any comments
  • These edits will be saved when you save the data you are currently entering

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See Manual Re-validation.