Viewing a Visual Assessment

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Once a visual assessment has been created from the iBID record or the New Visual Assessment on the Navigation Bar, they will be displayed in the visual assessments section displayed on the folder navigation Bar.


Click the Visual Assessment button and a Visual Assessments tab will open displaying all Visual Assessments for the selected patient.

Click to highlight the visual assessment and select the "Open" button.


The Visual Assessment will open in edit mode.

Visual Assessment Tool Bar


  • Edit Button - Select the edit button to edit the items in the list, eg Description etc.
  • Save - Saves any changes made when any edits have been made.
  • New - Creates a New Visual Assessment.
  • Open - Opens the highlighted Visual Assessment.
  • Refresh - Refreshes the Visual Assessment List. This may need to be used when new visual assessments have been created.
  • Filtering - Allows the user to filter the Visual Assessments. Select the filter button as shown below, select an item to be filtered by and type required filter in to the highlighted box. Shown in the image below the TBSA filter box is highlighted.


  • Group By - Select the Group By Button and drag the title of the column in to the highlighted area.The image below shows the Assessment Date/Time dragged on to the highlighted area.


  • Copy Cells - Highlight the cells to be copied and paste them in to the selected destination. Please note! The image will not be copied as the clipboard can't copy images and text.
  • Delete - Select the Visual assessment to be deleted, a confirmation box will open, confirm that the item is to be deleted and give a reason in the free type notes box. Click the Delete Button.


  • Close- Select the "close" button to exit the Visual Assessment tab.

Thumbnail Gallery

From the patient folder the thumbnail gallery is displayed.

The Thumbnail gallery shows a list of thumbnails of all Visual Assessments and Images taken for the individual patient for ease of access. If no images or Visual Assessments have been recorded no thumbnail gallery will be displayed.

LeftDouble click the image to be opened.

ThumbnailGalleryoptions.jpg Select the thumbnail gallery size from the drop down list.

  • Information Button InformationButton.jpg -

Select the Information Button to display the Image Properties. -


  • Refresh Button - RefreshButton.jpg Refreshes the Thumbnail List, this feature may need to be used as new thumbnails are added.