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If you have any issues getting the latest version please see How to make sure your software is up to date and if that doesn't help see Getting support. Current Software Versions / Software downloads

Version 3.2.3 build 4283

Released: 12 May 2023

  • Server: fixes incorrect join statement in IBID to Dependency Query that produces incorrect and very large result set. This may crash the server application due to the large result set.
  • Desktop: fixes intermittent graphical error opening iBID records
  • Desktop: fixes intermittent error creating new patient demographics from Find & Create screen

Version 3.2.3

  • KPI Changes from Quality Dashboard Review 2020 (delayed until 2023)
    • PROMS Completed, PROMS Given to Patient, and PROMS Comments fields added to the IBID Pre Discharge and Follow up sections
    • Rehab Prescription Completed and Comments fields to the iBID Pre Discharge section
    • IBID Nurse Grade and Consultant Grade lookup lists are no longer user editable
    • Ethnicity becomes a KPI required value
    • User profile screen adds a "Unit" field to enable multi-tenancy for different Burn Units within the same database
    • iBID Referral "Outreach Team" group renamed to "First Seen Details"
    • iBID Pre Injury Rehab Screening Pain Score do not need to be KPI required values (only the post injury, on-going scores)
      • "Staff" screen (aka list of personnel for drop down lists and user-linking) now has a "Unit" field for allocation of the persons home Burn Unit
  • New: Database version 41 (multi-tenancy capable)
    • New commissioning dataset for multi-tenancy support (maintenance features available in system admin module)
    • New bank holidays dataset reading from UK Gov API in order to calculate working days in analysis datasets (maintenance features available in system admin module)
    • Server error log is now saved in a database table, no longer an external file.
  • Daily staffing data submission module out of beta and available for all units
  • Fixed: IBID > Causation > Clothing Item value was not being saved to the database if "clothing fire" is not ticked
  • Fixed: inconsistent iBID to Dependency linking
  • Fixed: some critical level errors not displaying in iBID record
  • Fixed: server initialisation not recognising custom port assignment
  • Fixed: coding errors in Dependency record calculations affecting some records
  • Fixed: iBID Search for Trauma Network ID was not working at all
  • Fixed: Lund and Browder diagram not automatically populating body site fields
  • Fixed: error navigating from Demographics to Folder screens
  • Fixed: security improvements in Server
  • Fixed: daily staffing query not returning correct results
  • Fixed: intermittent "channel is busy" message when running iBID calcs
  • Fixed: Legacy speciality types were still available to create
  • Fixed: cosmetic field hiding issue with Prevention screen
  • Fixed: login errors if client IP is IPV6 not IPV4
  • Fixed: digital image upload would occasionally not link to the clinical event
  • Misc cosmetic improvements & improved high DPI support
  • Known Issues
    • client version 2.x can no longer perform user profile or personnel list related functions (create, edit, update, change password) due to server changes.

Version 2.25.112 build 4113

  • Fixed: dependency record date/time values flagged as being in the future even though it's from today when a time element is entered.

Version 2.25.112 build 4112

  • Fixed: multi-threading bug when opening/closing a patient folder
  • New: Future dependency dates should raise a Validation error.
  • Fixed: Validation Messages in the footer area of the screen should be directly editable.
  • Fixed: Closing an image would refresh the thumbnail list but it would never stop "refreshing"
  • Fixed: error generated when exiting the application before login due to the auto updater not being created at that point.

Version 2.25.108

  • Fixed: errors with some specific time-periods for LOS to Date and Injury to Admission Delay fields.
  • Fixed: if the user profile data contains invalid data logins would fail.
  • Fixed: if the server is not found during login a bug report is incorrectly raised.
  • Fixed: IBID death related validation messages are not cleared when Death is un-selected
  • Fixed: Lund & Browder assessment (non-IBID) shows unnecessary scroll bars when sidebar collapsed
  • Fixed: LOS to Date field is larger to accommodate new longer period descriptions
  • Fixed: Main Dashboard - navigation buttons are now updated to include all available tabs
  • Fixed: The detection of images from the mobile app incorrectly raised a bug report if the server could not be found.
  • Fixed: Acquiring images from Mobile App would not show the image list when button is clicked.
  • Fixed: An expired session would incorrectly result in a bug report instead of automatically renewing the session
  • Fixed: Dependency Chronology - performance improvements
  • Fixed: incorrect injury to admission delay period in some circumstances & inappropriate record types
  • Fixed: Query tool missing the "contains" operator
  • Fixed: IBID Outpatients list limited to 7 years like the In Patients List
  • New: Query tool now has the "Is Any Of" and "Is None Of" operators to allow a list of criteria on a single line
  • New: Dependency Chronology - added ability to filter out the "Not present" records.
  • New: Additional logging messages in audit-trail replication to show record counts
  • Fixed: Creating a new folder after creating new patient would leave user back at the search screen, not the new (and still open) folder
  • Fixed: some validation messages are created with missing condition information.
  • New: added LOS to Date string to the IBID Summary

Version 2.20

  • Fixed small bug in the server that did not show all the IBID records in certain client views
  • Fixed: Opening IBID Summary from the IBID Dashboard will open either the In or Out Patient list depending on the active view
  • Fixed: IBID Summary - no longer shows the standard patient banner as patient demographics are shown in the form data & are now bold.
  • Performance Improvement opening List of Dependency records in a Patient Folder
  • Fixed: image thumbnails still opening in Patient Folder even if patient has no images
  • Performance Improvement opening the default list of IBID records in the Patient Folder
  • Performance Improvement: creating new IBID records is slightly quicker for more minor record types (less fields to Validate)
  • Fixed: in-patient related validation messages appearing in out-patient IBID records
  • Fixed: creating a dependency would, in some situations, result in "Field not found" error.
  • Fixed: error when creating a new folder from within an existing (not new) patient demographic record
  • Performance Improvement: several software components have distinct communication channel rather than sharing a single channel.

Version 2.19

  • NEW Introduced preview fields for PROMS and Rehab Prescription fields. Go live in future version.
  • NEW High DPI Support - greater screen clarity for 125% and above text scaling in Windows
  • NEW Updated Find & Create function to include more fields in search coverage. E.g. can now search for IBID records that have "acute minor" record types from the main screen.
  • NEW Updates to required/mandated fields
  • NEW Update to Country lookup list
  • Record/Demographics - Weight is now mandatory
  • Co Existing Disorders: Frailty Score is now mandatory
  • Discharge - Discharge Weight is now mandatory
  • Dependency Critical Care: Time Feeding Tube Placed is now mandatory
  • Dependency Critical Care: NRS (Nutrition Risk Score) is now mandatory
  • Dependency Theatre/Intervention: Debrided TBSA is now mandatory
  • Dependency Theatre/Intervention: 100% Healed is now mandatory
  • NEW conditional validation rules to reduce the number of unnecessary rules.
  • IMPROVED validation messages to better explain reasoning behind rule
  • UPDATED iBID data entry screens slight re-designs to cope with smaller screen sizes
  • FIXED Removed Spell Checking facility due to bug
  • FIXED Dependency Chronology did sometimes not include a Dependency record if not linked to an IBID record
  • FIXED iBID Analysis Calculations, now updates the version and date of recalculation even if no changes made to the values

Version 2.18

  • New Combined Desktop installer for All Users, Per User and Upgrade
  • Find Patient now has the ability to search for patients in multiple datasets, e.g. patients/folders, ibid, dependency, significant events, images, visual assessments (depending on installed modules)
  • Find Patient now has the ability to open the found record (i.e. ibid) or the folder or the patient demographics
  • Find Patient has new age-range search feature
  • Find Patient has improved search results response time
  • Improved iBID record load time
  • Settings screen redesign; no longer a popup dialog box
  • Simplified home screen (removal of unnecessary options into Tools > Settings)
  • Settings file locations changed to a shared location to make available for all PC users
  • Improved load time for "lists of...." in the Patient Folder
  • Improved user interface for user editable lookup lists.
  • Updated validation rules (requires access to domain to download new rules)

Version 2.12 (Beta)

  • Increased speed of browsing images on cameras, smart phone and other devices (via WPD api)
  • When browsing images on a device, added ability to filter non-image files.
  • Removed the Import Image from File (singular) option as a multiple file import is available.
  • Added support for Camera Raw images via WPD api (Import Images from Device)
  • New: Tour Guides in some parts of the application
  • Fixed: Care Journal crashing when used with a application that includes legacy telemedicine data.
  • Fixed: formatting problem for "critical error" warning message in Patient Demographics (would appear as a new tab)
  • Fixed: importing images from Android app would fail with "Port number is invalid in URL"
  • Add export to Excel from the Find Patient window
  • Fixed: "Control has no parent window" when opening a Patient Folder from the list of folders on the Patient Demographics screen
  • Fixed: Vulnerable Person field on iBID Outpatients Dashboard is unformatted (minor)

'Following items introduced in v2.10 (beta) in Feb 2019'

  • NEW: Central management of UK iBID Policies
  • NEW: iBID Record Type Selection Screen
  • NEW: Daily Staffing Module
  • Legacy Wound, Skin & Scar data specialist screens, queries & care journal integration
  • Minor changes to central analysis fields
  • Fixed: duplicate analysis records problem resulting in multiple IBID query results for some records (full recalc required)
  • Fixed: IBID: Total Grafting Ops was incorrectly counting a 0% Grafted TBSA as a grafting op.
  • New indexing strategy in the database for improved performance
  • iBID Recalc Analysis now runs as external thread to allow the main client app to close without disturbing the recalc process.
  • iBID Recalc Analysis function now added to the patient folder to allow all of a patients IBID/Dependency records to be recalculated in one action
  • IBID Recalc Analysis function added to the Windows start menu group.
  • Fixed: errors during meta data updates when SQL Server user default schema is not 'dbo'
  • Fixed: demographics searches were sometimes producing duplicate results for patients with >1 folder.
  • Removal of unused themes, replaced with new theme based on SVG scalable graphics, not bitmaps for better UI performance
  • Significant Events now requires a license. Available for Free on request for IBID customers.
  • Top Search field on the home screen now detects IBID Trauma Network ID & will open the IBID record (or show the IBID search option if record not found)
  • Add record count information to the "list" plugins
  • Increase available space of the query editor component to use at least 50% of available space instead of 25%
  • Numerous "Care Journal" Updates,
    • the History View has been redesigned to eliminate empty dates to show a continuous, chronological view of events & episodes
    • removal of the under utilised time-grid (replaced by Agenda/History View)
    • Event details now showing a thumbnail of the image as well as the photograph meta data.
  • 150+ bug fixes & minor updates

'following items introduced in v2.9 (beta) in May 2018'

  • NEW: Yes/No drop down fields to replace tickboxes for clarity where a third state is required. i.e. Yes, No, Unknown.
  • NEW: Pivot table tool in the query results now includes ability to change summary type, including average, std dev, variance, count & sum.
  • NEW System Map function shows all open windows/sub-windows for easy navigation of an application with many windows open
  • NEW Remote update for system configuration items
  • NEW: improved Validation Engine:
    • Semi-automatic integration with iBID design database for importance-type rules
    • Rule conditions to make the enforcement of rules more intelligent
    • New rule types to allow more flexible validation
    • Rules Explorer to view existing system rules
    • "Custom Rules" file to allow customer specific rule entry in addition to system validation rules
    • Asterisks on data entry forms now linked with rules
    • Ability to filter the type & level of errors to show whilst editing
    • Save buttons show count of critical errors that would prevent closing
    • New composite fields against which validation rules can be implemented (e.g. combined date/time fields & count of fields groups like Association, Contributor & COD)
    • Validation message editor can now be launched from all validation message footers
    • Validation message editor shows all active validation rules for the database field in question
    • Validation Message Dashboard component groups messages by patient, shows only key or critical errors, prototype advanced searching within the list
  • New: on the fly encryption available for media files stored in the file system instead of the database
  • New: Warning if disk stored media file appear to be different from when they were initially stored
  • New: Image Library can be located in database OR in the file-system.
  • New: Image Viewer has "Linked Record" property sheet to view summary of the clinical record to which the image is related.
  • New: Image capture now available in clinical records, to allow linking images & clinical data
  • New: Image Query now includes patient demographics & significant event linked data (where available)
  • New: IBID Image Query that makes Image, IBID and patient demographic data available in a single query tool
  • New: Thumbnails toggle button shows badge with count of images within current record
  • New: Significant Event Query now includes patient demographics
  • New: iBID Wound Consumables/Skin Subst Query
  • New: UI Improvements for patient demographics to work with screen resolutions down to 1024x768
  • New: Visual Assessment (Body Mapping) query
  • NEW: Dashboard user interface easier to use on smaller screens:
    • Tabbed dashboard panels instead of side-by-side for ease of viewing
    • Left-side navigation bar hidden by default to make more screen available. Shown with the commonly used 3-bar icon (aka hamburger menu) button. Visibility saved per user session.
    • IBID Dashboard now has option for smaller icons and ability to use a card view for patients. Table view still available. All options user-selectable & remembered between sessions.
  • New: UI Improvements in Query Engine Field Selector
  • New: Minor UI amendments to card view of the IBID Dashboard patient lists
  • New: Split Dependency Psychological and Physiotherapy screens into two different screens
  • New: Performance enhancements on AquilaServer by restructuring internal services and schema libraries.
  • New: internal adjustments & new query engine features to allow future use of Dynamic Queries.
  • Ability to obtain GPS co-ords for an image from the postcode, or vice versa.
  • Added validation rules checking to image data
  • Updated UI for care journal, including new popout with event details on mouse hover
  • System date format handling improved to account for differing regional & date format settings. Current system settings shown in Tools > Options.
  • App screen size and position saved between sessions
  • No Theme checkbox added to allow quick revert to native (non-themed) controls
  • Beta implementation of keyword engine to enable keyword querying in v3
  • Validation message "Go To Error" function was navigating to the wrong view in some cases
  • Misc user interface improvements; new "select item" window when "new" buttons are clicked; navigation controls are hideable
  • Fixed: Issue when refreshing Find or New Patient search results did not remember the initial search criteria and returned all records
  • Fixed: Issue with find/new patient function that did not highlight the first result in the search results table
  • Fixed: Query engine "is not blank" operator not producing expected output
  • Fixed: minor display issue in the Personnel Admin section
  • Fixed: iBID TBSA extended to 2 decimal places from 1
  • Fixed: Validation Engine - the UI path to the location of the error was wrong for a number of Dependency related validation messages
  • Fixed: iBID Airway, fixed incorrect caption for pH field
  • Fixed: confusing left/right alignment of numerical data entry fields.
  • Fixed: iBID Burn Injury TBSA fields would be overwritten by the Lund & Browder chart even if no drawing was made

Version 2.3.1 build 3141

June 2017

  • NEW: Visual Assessments - the Lund & Browder functions previously seen in Burn Injury are now available as a standalone feature to perform repeated assessments.
  • NEW: Improved the usefulness of the "Validation Message" dashboard component previously it displayed the first 200 validation messages. Now it shows how many "key" or "critical" validation messages there are, grouped per patient to give an important overview of overall database quality.
  • Fixed bug where some validation messages are visible despite the fields not being visible.
  • NEW: Upgrades to the replication channel settings to allow a greater choice of connectivity tech.
  • NEW: Toolbar buttons with drop downs functions: pressing the main part of the button now opens a more detailed screen allowing the user to select the item they require where previously it just dropped the list down.
  • The main window position and size is now remembered between sessions.

Version 2.3.0 build 3129

Apr 2017

This is a "stability" release. We've concentrated on bug fixing and improving the stability of the product.

We recommend upgrading as soon as possible

  • altered Query Editor to add an extra attempt to load a filter file due to previous failures via a mapped/network drive
  • fixed geocoding for address and incident address
  • Patient Folder now shows the associated specialities on the status bar
  • added checkbox custom drawing to IBID Summary and some report forms (e.g IBID Record Contents) when being printed to better differentiate grey-checked boxes.
  • Saving memo annotation configuration (color, font) per user
  • Fixed bug to save memo annotation contents on saving Image records
  • Fixed position of the patient banner on Significant Events & Dependency screens (was appearing above menu controls)
  • Fixed bug where validation rule about no two dependencies for the same date only checked on INSERT not EDIT mode.
  • Fixed bug where attempting to close the app from the main form with the window-close button makes the main form disappear but leaves other editors open
  • Burn Injury visual assessment shows an empty DoB as 30-12-1899 on status bar
  • Multi user fixes for Dependency records & improved PK Violation control
  • fixed bugs with Dependency saving/opening & critical error prevention
  • fixed bug in Burn Injury Visual Assessment whereby it used to clear the data fields as soon as the visual assessment was loaded, before any drawing began.
  • Fixed bug where validation messages were not being created for new-not-yet-saved IBIDs that had their Record Type "upgraded" to a more severe type
  • Sys Admin functions now shows list of active sessions
  • Dependency Theatre Input Mins and Units of... fields now have rules and limits to prevent overflow
  • New Validation Icons for MEWS Score, Ward Attender for in Dependency
  • Fixed bug creating a new Dependency from the "Dependencies for IBID" list in the IBID screen that did not link the IBID (although caught by validation error)
  • Causation > Association > None Apply did not untick Clothing Fire and Fire Resistant
  • enabled HandleRedirect for Indy and NetHTTP clients in dmReplicator and ClientDataModule to allow for future proof replication service if relocation needed (use HTTP 302 code)
  • fixed bug that showed days post injury as -1 for new ibid records
  • added validation for the 3 IBID resusc fluid fields to prevent database overflow
  • Redesigned Dependency Chronology to include Out-patient activity.
  • fixed: bug when opening Dependency Chronology in some circumstances
  • added Dismiss and Edit (Demographics) buttons to patient banner on Image and Dependency editors

Version 2.3.0 Build 3075

Jan 2017

  • Fixed : Numerous speed improvements in the Query engine. Additional Run options enable further speed improvements.
  • Fixed : Initial Action field not saving value when field lost focus.
  • Fixed : The auto filtering of the Initial Action drop down contents affected ALL open IBID records.
  • Fixed : A duplicate folder could sometimes be created if opening a patient folder from the results of a Dependency Query due to missing Folder ID data
  • Fixed : Tetanus Status and Psychologist Grade fields were being output even if not selected in the field list for IBID/Dependency Query
  • Fixed : Trauma_Network_ID_1 field incorrecly being output in the Dependency Query.
  • Fixed : CXR Score, drop down option 1 fixed spelling
  • Fixed : Dependency > Intensive Care > Bronchoscopy Re-Score, fixed misspelling of oedema.
  • Fixed : Frailty Score field not visible on Co-existing Disorders for Non Burn Non Wound record type.
  • Fixed : Bug where under certain circumstances a blank demographics record could be created.
  • Fixed : Using async methods to attempt improved speed of folder opening.
  • Fixed : Bug where desktop application is not able to locate the settings file
  • Fixed : Bug where saving a Dependency record could give "Violation of PRIMARY KEY" error.
  • Fixed : Setting "none apply" in Association wasn't untickng Fire Resistant field
  • Fixed : "Cannot find item COPY_RECORD in collection" when running Demographics query.
  • New  : Removed custom HTTP stack in favour of a wrapper to the OS own HTTP stack (ie WinHTTP in the case of Windows). Affects server connection AND replication.
  • New  : Ability to add a flag/icon to a top-level tab. User requested, in order to better identify key screens with multiple open tabs
  • New  : Customisable operator in filter row on all data tables. Right click on column headers, choose Filter Row to enable.
  • New  : "Other Folders" list in the patient folder. Shows patients other folders - typically used for systems with multiple medical specialities installed.
  • New  : Significant Events query PREVIEW. Limitations: does not join patient demographics, so is purely Sig. Events data. Update to come in next version.
  • New  : Visual Assessment for Burn Injury. Interactive Lund & Browder chart that also fills in TBSA, body sites & burn depth.
  • New  : Ability to save the open tabs when closing IBID (or if the application terminates unexpectedly) in order to restore tabs on next opening the application
  • New  : Add a timeline to the Care Journal to provide overview and navigation.
  • New  : Events in the care journal now have much more information (as opposed to just start/end date & comment)
  • New  : "History View" in the care journal. Similar to an agenda view, shows all events in a vertical timeline grouped by date.
  • New  : Significant Events now have "Family History" and "Personal History" event types to enable patient history taking.
  • NEW  : "Standard" Digital Imaging Library - stores up to 3k x 3k image in the patients folder, allows viewing & multiple tools/data.

Version 2.2.3

Build 3027


  • New  : New "ubin" path added to server for uncompressed (but still encrypted) connections - usually slower than bin, for debugging purposes only (AquilaServer build 3020)
  • New  : Validation Rule (critical level) enforcing rule that only one Dependency record be created per day per patient.
  • New  : Validation Rule (critical levle) enforcing rule that Dependency Theatre events must be at least 1 hour apart (to help prevent duplication)
  • New  : Dependency Chronology Feature - timeline of Dependency records, including highlighting dates where Dependency is either missing or before/after admission.
  • New  : Significant Events query - limited to pure Sig. Events data, ie no linked patient data - that is planned for future major releases.
  • Fixed : Bug that prevented FIN_YR & FIN_QTR from being calculated correctly (AquilaServer Build 3016)
  • Fixed : Added client-side code to workaround FIN_YR & FIN_QTR bug on the server in case users do not immediately upgrade the server.
  • Fixed : Client side "keep alive" setting to improve network performance.
  • Fixed : Improved start up performance of client by reducing component overhead and limiting on-screen paint requirements.
  • Fixed : Bug in "New Dependency" function from the IBID Screen resulting in an "empty" Dependency record
  • Fixed : Bug where modifications to Dependency-related validation messages (i.e. OK & Comments) being overwritten when re-opening the Dependency again.
  • Fixed : Bug where hitting refresh on IBID record contents adds duplicate records
  • Fixed : Added missing calculation to the new IIS Score field in Dependency
  • New  : Added hints to the toolbar buttons on IBID Summary to describe their function
  • Fixed : AusTOMS scores needed a 0-40 validation rule
  • Fixed : Bug where selecting "None Apply" in Causation Association doesn't unselect Fire Resistant.
  • New  : Photo App integration for Digital Imaging module (iOS/Android) (Imaging module only)
  • Fixed : Bug where desktop application defaulting to the program files folder for INI file storage (exhibited as the app not storing the Server URL between sessions)
  • Fixed : IBID - Move > Search For Patient function shows window that is too large for notebook screens
  • Fixed : Enabled "copy cells" functionality in the Dependency, IBID & Significant Events list (export privileges required)
  • Fixed : Using Mouse wheel buttons over empty Time edit fields causes Invalid Pointer error under Windows 10 (when Windows feature "Scroll contents under mouse" is active)
  • Fixed : Bug where Dependency Physio & Psych scoring screen was not scrollable on smaller screens
  • Fixed : Improved speed of opening IBID screens
  • Fixed : Significant Event screen - added links to Patient Demographics & Patient Folder
  • Fixed : Reduced network traffic when initiating asynchronous server-side methods (using server call backs instead of polling)

Version 2.2.2

Build: 2902

14th June 2016

- Fixed: low impact error message appearing on closing IBID when using v2.2 desktop against v1.2 server.

Version 2.2.1

Build: 2900

7th June 2016

Major changes:

  • Please note that from version 2.2, AquilaCRS/IBID will be dropping support for MS SQL Server 2005. The oldest supported version of MS SQL Server is 2008 R2.
  • New: iBID data fields - for details see: Version 2.2 New iBID Data Fields
  • New: Significant Events module
  • New: Care Journal V2
  • New: Pre Injury Psychological & Physio Scoring module
  • New: creating Dependency record asks for parent IBID record first.
  • Updated: IBID cards on Patient Folder
  • New: data lists in Patient Folder & iBID records.
  • New: critical level validation messages
  • Validation messages are no longer replicated to the National Database
  • Updated analysis calculations
  • Numerous bug fixes, speed & other minor improvements (AquilaCRS 2.2 Bug Fix List)

Version 1.2.11

Build 2786 (non-essential upgrade)

Release: 11 January 2016

  • Fixed: bug "Cannot perform operation on closed dataset" when changing record type

Version 1.2.10

Build 2784 (non-essential upgrade)

Release: 15 December 2015

  • Fixed: changing iBID record type or running Re-validate option causes validation messages from "Pain Score" & "Rehab Screening Performed" to be created in error.

Version 1.2.9

Build 2783 (non-essential upgrade)

Release: 10 November 2015

  • Fixed: Daily Dependency screen for out-patients has large gap in middle of view, between pain scores and notes fields.
  • Fixed: Entering dates < 1753 does not create an error message when using Dependency Record Date/Time field as it does with other fields. (if Tools > Options > Pre-validate Date Fields is on).
  • Fixed: IBID list on Patient Folder view does not refresh when a) done editing an IBID record, or b) when pressing refresh.
  • Fixed: In search demographics/new patient function, if window is narrowed significantly (i.e. side-by-side with PAS systems) then fields become too small to read. Now the search fields "collapse" into tabbed sub-groups to enable viewing of the fields.
  • Fixed: In one case, IBID assumed it was in Portable mode by the presence of the AquilaCRS.INI file in the program folder. This resulted in Cannot create file errors when trying to write settings files. IBID now checks for write permissions before setting Portable Mode.
  • Fixed: All Queries - the displayed value for number of fields was not accurate.
  • Fixed: IBID Queries - Days Post Injury was being output as the first column in all queries, despite not being a queryable column.
  • Fixed: All Queries - the pivot table field list was not being refreshed if the query was edited & re-run
  • Fixed: Report > IBID Field Contents created "Format of data in stream does not match the destination table format". Caused by incorrectly using SQLite schema specification.
  • Fixed: Tools > Options > System. Upgrade button not enabling if new version available.

Version 1.2.8

Build 2776 (non-essential upgrade)

Release: 23 September 2015

  • New: "IBID Content Report" to Pt Folder and IBID screens - produces report of entire contents of IBID & Dependency records for selected patient.
  • New: Software Upgrade functions to the Tools > Options screen.
  • New: Tools > Application Log menu item.
  • Improve error report text if software upgrade server cannot be reached.
  • Add default class-names for common user interface items, if app config class names cannot be reached for some reason.

Version 1.2.6

Build 2769 (non-essential upgrade)

Release: 11 September 2015

  • Fixed - ticking Central Cyanosis field in Admission screen resulted in "Field not bound" error.
  • Fixed - Help > About screen shows 0Mb memory usage

Version 1.2.5

Build 2767 (non-essential upgrade)

Release: 3 September 2015

This release is a small incremental release to v1.2.4. As we progressed to v1.3, we fixed more bugs & decided to release this earlier for everyones benefit. Details:

  • Fixed - ticking No Inhalation Signs/Symptoms did not touch the Central Cyanosis field.
  • Fixed - Go To Error function not working for Patient Demographics related errors.
  • Fixed - creating a new patient sometimes did not put patient demographics record into edit mode, resulting in an error
  • Fixed - occasional deadlock error on refreshing list of IBID records after editing an IBID record. ++
  • Fixed - Go to Folder function on Validation Message screen incorrectly shows error when a folder hasn't yet been created. ++
  • New - adds installation folder location & remote desktop information to the bugreports for better support

++ these are fixes for reported bugs from earlier versions that we haven't been able to replicate, hence the fix is our best guess at this time.

Version 1.2.4

Build 2764 (essential upgrade)

Release: 17 August 2015

The release introduces some useful new features and also a new method of delivering program updates, which now come via the same server that handles the replication of anonymised data -

The old method of automatic upgrades will cease to occur from 29th August, so please make sure your software is up to date.

  • New automatic upgrade system, faster & less intrusive to the user. Hosted on the same server as the Replication server, so access should be widely available.
  • Ability to go straight to iBID record from the dashboard screen.
  • Ability to search for Trauma Network ID from the dashboard screen.
  • Validation message list on the home screen/dashboard, now has Go To Error function, users no longer have to open each validation message window to access this function.
  • Show Trauma Network ID in the list of Dependencies on the Patient Folder screen to better see which records belong with which. The list is filterable by this field.
  • Host Referral Site drop down list is locally editable to add your own sites (users require "Manage Local Lists" privilege)
  • "Rehab Screening Performed", "Pain - Overall" and "Pain - neuropathic" now shown on the first tab on Daily Dependency as well as the usual tab.
  • Email address now mandatory for new user profiles.
  • Dependency - Outpatient activity - Attendance field moved to after the Assessment section
  • Dependency - fields that are not required for out-patient activity no longer generate validation messages.
  • some minor bug fixes

Version 1.2.2

Build 2711

Release: 9th October 2014

Primarily a maintenance release of the client software, "AquilaCRS". Some small performance enhancements have been made to AquilaServer, however upgrade is not mandated.

  • Fixed: PDF Export from Query Results text was too small or even blank for results with many fields
  • Fixed: Access Violation sometimes occurring when tabbing into, and out of, date fields.
  • Fixed: Decimal fields from Dependency Psych. and Physio scoring datasets that have zero values were displaying as empty fields in the Query Results.
  • Fixed: Sort order for date fields in Query Results was aplha-numeric instead of date-order.
  • New: Patient Search/New Patient - allow the user to press [Enter] on any field to start the search.
  • New: Patient Search/New Patient - use warning icon next to NHS Number fields and email address fields to indicate invalid input.
  • New: Add 'Discharge from Service' and 'Discharge from Service Date' to the list of IBID records in the Patient Folder view to assist with display of O/P record types
  • Fixed: IBID Summary - hide the Pt Folder, Pt Demographics, IBID and Dependency action buttons if the filter returns zero records.
  • Fixed: Query Results - hid the Pt Folder & Pt Demographics action buttons if the query returns zero records.
  • Fixed: Tab order. Now possible to use the [tab] key to move around in windows without the focus becoming "lost"
  • New: Performance enhancements in remoting framework
  • New: Performance enhancements in the database access framework
  • New: Support for Amazon Web Service (EC2 and RDS) cloud services

Version 1.2.1

Release: 29th July 2014

This is primarily a maintenance release to address some issues that were discovered in v1.2.0. The following have been fixed/implemented:

  • Some proxy server settings were incorrectly detected, preventing national database submissions.
  • Some settings were not being successfully saved to the registry: the IBID Summary Fit-To-Width option and the Large IBID View option in patient folder.
  • In some situations, saving a Patient Folder with an empty Description would generate an error.
  • Increased the tolerance for reporting failure to replicate with the national database to allow for one-off network faults.
  • Better handle the response to attempted use of context sensitive help.
  • Some users experienced an Access Violation when tabbing out of a Date field.
  • Start up interrupted by error message " is not a valid integer" due to incomplete proxy server settings in IE.
  • Error "A delta called VALIDATION_ERRORS is already present" could be received in some circumstances when saving a Dependency record.
  • Validation messages for Dependency > Physio & Psych scoring pages not showing.
  • Entering decimal values into Dependency > Physio & Psych scoring fields would show a warning message even if value was in range
  • Ticking "None Apply" in IBID Causation would not un-tick the Fire Resistant field or clear the Clothing Item or Fabric fields.

Version 1.2.0

This release, although looking very similar to previous versions, is almost 70% new under the hood. We have addressed numerous bugs, added numerous features & fields and concentrated on improving performance.

  • Added user permissions:
    • On release of software, users will need permissions to be granted see Managing_Users#User_Permissions for more information.
    • Permissions are: Edit, Delete/Move, Query, Export/Print, Manage Historic data.
  • Added function to move iBID record between patients (moves linked Dependency records as well)
  • Added function to delete iBID record
  • Added function to delete Dependency record
  • Added function to delete Patient Folder
  • Added function to delete Patient Demographics
  • Show Historic BIBID ICU data on IBID Resusc tab for older iBID records.
  • Add fields:
    • Demographics: GP Practice Code
    • Demographics: Country of Birth
    • IBID Demography: Spoken English standard
    • IBID Demography: Written English standard
    • IBID Demography: Preferred Language
    • IBID Demography: Interpreter Required
    • Inhalation: Vapour Inhalation
    • Causation: Clothing Fabric
    • Causation: Fire Resistant
  • Implement theatre related analysis calculations, e.g. Total GA's, Total Grafting Ops
  • Change name sounds like algorithm to SoundEx (implemented during server upgrade)
  • Allow user to specify type of name search on patient search screen (exact, partial or sounds like)
  • Merge iBID Demography screen with iBID Record screen
  • Hide Age calculation on iBID Demographics data entry screen
  • Improved Dependency to iBID linking algorithm - in rare cases where multiple IBID records match the date, now uses most severe IBID.
  • Link all orphaned Dependency records with an iBID record during upgrade
  • Update analysis formula for numerous fields
  • IBID Summary completely re-designed
    • Uses new column layout
    • Includes numerous additional fields
    • Includes most recent Dependency data
    • Adds export functionality (requires export privileges)
    • Adds filtering functionality (for when viewing in-patients & out-patients lists)
  • Add "IBID Summary for In-Patients" view
  • Add "IBID Summary for Out-Patients" view
  • Query tool completely re-designed
    • Queries now have their own top-level screen for maximal screen usage
    • Query is continually editable after initial execution
    • Excel export of results no longer requires Excel to be installed (requires export privileges)
    • The drop down list of field names now has the section name in brackets afterwards to better enable type-to-find
    • "Search for field" feature in field list
    • "Add field to filter" feature in field list (rt click on field name)
    • Allows use of '%' wildcard character in conditions using the "Like" operator
    • Can copy range of cells from search results to clipboard & paste into Excel or other spreadsheets (requires export privileges)
  • Add Financial Year and Financial Quarter fields to the IBID Query
  • Add an "IBID & Dependency" query to link both datasets
  • Add a "Validation Message" query to get custom validation reports
  • Validation Message engine completely re-designed
    • Improves speed
    • Validation message shows field display label not field name
    • Fix display bugs
  • Remove all "spin-button" editors for number fields & replace with standard text editors
  • Add Trauma Network ID to the Dependency data table on the Patient Folder to better identify which IBID record is which in cases where multiple IBID records exist
  • Add Trauma Network ID to the drop-down list of IBID records in the Dependency screen to better identify which iBID is which
  • Add "Large" view of IBID records to show 'card' style instead of data-table style
  • Add right-click menu to all data table headers to allow access to advanced features
  • Open dashboard reports (e.g. All Validation Messages & IBID Summaries) as top-level items, not embedded in dashboard to give more room
  • Show expanded view of patient demographics on folder screen, with "edit" & "dismiss" options
  • Re-design of the patient summary panels to enable re-use on every screen
  • Patient search results default to opening the Demographics record not the folder
  • Improve Age calculation & synchronise formula with other date point related analysis calculations
  • Redesign layout algorithm of all data-entry screens to allow showing/hiding of individual fields (not just screens) based on record-type
  • Add navigation buttons to all screens to allow opening of Patient Folder and Patient Demographics
  • Adjust highlighting of key/KPI fields. Required fields have grey star, key fields have two-stars in red
  • Added support for SQLite database engines for single user & demos.
  • Fix all Help links
  • Add additional themes with more "contrast"
    • Add "touch mode" to make rows, buttons and options larger for use with Windows tablets & touch screens
  • Add confirmation of exiting when there are editor windows still open
  • Set spelling auto-correct to OFF by default
  • Fix spellings like Oximetry & Parenteral.
  • Allow version 1.2 desktop client to be used against version 1.1 server
    • Features that rely on server to be gracefully handled
    • Show warning message to user about required upgrade
  • Fixed over 300 other bugs & issues

Version 1.1.9

This release focusses on quality by fixing as many bugs as we can in the timescales. There are also some under-the-hood improvements.

  • Fixed Access Violation bug when editing some date fields.
  • Fixed "focus stealing" when app is running in background.
  • Fixed: Validation message of date range checks now shows the correct date in the message.
  • Fixed: Exporting data to excel not formatting date columns as date/time values.
  • Fixed: New users' password not being shown correctly on user dialog
  • Fixed: Entering search data that is too long for target fields caused SQL Truncation Error if user continued to create a patient with such values.
  • New: Validation checks stop on first instance of a problem for each field, reduces number of validation messages, improves performance.
  • New: Dependency date/time field no longer sets a default value
  • New: Removed need for the `seconds` element in time values
  • New: Right-click menu available for all data-table headers for accessing to sorting, filtering & grouping
  • New: Added Validation Message to check for missing Linked IBID record in Dependency
  • New: Dependency - Improved algorithm to find linked IBID Record to ensure most severe IBID case is linked in case of multiple IBID records covering same date point
  • Fixed: InfoServer connection still made by WinInet - needs to use own TCP/IP stack
  • Fixed: Filtering in the data tables (clicking on column heading) is case-sensitive, filtering needs to be case-insensitive.
  • Fixed: Date & Time fields are being formatted as Date&Time in Excel export - now has individual date or time formatting where appropriate.
  • Fixed: Changing own password and having session time out then did not silently log back in & caused "Session Not Found" error.
  • Fixed: Entering data in fields in patient search fields that are too long for the database fields subsequently causes SQL Error if continue to create a patient
  • Fixed: Change Parental Feeding to Parenteral Feeding on Dependency > Intensive Care form

Version 1.1.8

This version is now available & is primarily focussed on improving quality with many bugs found & fixed along with other improvements. We have also added a few new features that we have been asked for by users.


  • The 'OK' button on each screen is now labelled 'Save & Close' to avoid any confusion as when the data is saved and/or the functionality of the button.
  • iBID records are now revalidated automatically when the record type is changed.
  • Added ability to manually re-validate at any time.
  • Validation Messages added to dependency record & created validation rules for KPI fields.
  • Improved display of validation messages on each screen: correct height, smoother updating & fixed "Record Index Out of Range" bug.
  • Improved display of patient demographics history.
  • Added Validation Report to Patient Demographics screen.
  • Added Validation Report to Dependency screen.
  • Export to Excel is no longer reliant on Excel being installed. This seemed to be causing problems for quite a lot of users, so we have completely re-written the Excel export to avoid needing Excel at all.
  • Query Results screen show a summary of what was searched for.

For details of all bug-fixes please see the change log.

Known Issues:

  • The IBID Query does not export the TotalLOS field correctly, i.e. it produces blanks only. A bulletin was added to the [1] website on 18 July 2013. Please read for more information.

Version 1.1.5

Released: Feb 2013

This release consists of lots of bug fixes and some major improvements in the application. For detailed information on the changes please see the change log which will be updated on final release.

Spell checking

This version introduces a spell checking component with auto replace. Every text field in the application is now spell checked, with errors being underlined in the way most users expect from a spell checker. Right clicking on the incorrect spelling displays a list of words. Additionally, commonly misspelled words are autocorrected, with full support for a user-defined auto-correct file.

Querying Improvements

When using the query tool (via IBID or Dependency queries for instance) the criteria you define and the fields you select for output can now be saved to files to be reloaded later. The criteria and field list are saved separately that allows a mix-and-match approach. Further, you can share these saved files with other users.

Pivot table/Charts

The 'Query Results' screen has been expanded to include full pivot table and chart support. Drag and drop fields from the list to create multi-level pivot tables and show a variety of charts based on the pivot table. Optionally you can show "drill-down" data by highlighting a cell in the pivot table to show the underlying data. The pivot table definition can also be saved to a file for later reuse.

New Record Types

Two new record types added:

  • Non-burn, non-wound admission for care of Burn Team
  • Non-burn, non-wound admission of another speciality to the Burn Service.

Application "Look and Feel"

The original application did not utilise native Windows look and feel. This new version has replaced all toolbar, menus, sidebars and status bar components in order to comply with windows look and feel more accurately. In doing so the mouse handling of the menu and toolbar items has improved greatly. We have endeavoured to keep the layout and the controls in the same place as before, so although these are major changes, they should be fairly transparent to the end user.

Selected Other Fixes

  • Added Scar Potential and Prevention datasets to the IBID Query tool.
  • Added Psych Assessor field to Co-Existing Disorders.
  • Added Rehab Screening Performed to Dependency Psych Scoring.
  • Added Improved bug reporting tool - semi-automatic and less invasive.
  • Fixed "List Index Out Of Bounds" at random intervals in iBID records by altering Validation Error table view.
  • Fixed importing "Acute Injury Assessment" when Admission Date is not blank now imported as "Acute Minor Admission", previously as "Acute Minor Outpatient".
  • Implemented fix for previously imported records Acute Injury Assessment records that have Admission Date and were flagged as "Acute Minor Outpatient".
  • Postcode analysis fields (area, district, sector) not being calculated correctly if original postcode is not complete.
  • Fixed: Dependency Theatre/Intervention screen - checkboxes were 3-state but should be 2-state.
  • Fixed: Time fields cannot be cleared.
  • Fixed: Out of range dates caused bug report to be loaded. Now informs user via popup dialog of invalid date. MS SQL Server acceptable date range is 01-01-1753 to 31/12/9999.
  • Added: New set of modern icons.
  • Added: All tabs can be re-arranged via drag and drop.
  • Added: Ability to skin the application to a look and feel of your choice.

Version 1.0.1 (August 2012)

As expected this version focuses even more on stability and bug fixing, with any new features restricted to very minor changes and "essential" work only.

The changelog for this release will be updated as soon as possible.

Version 0.9.15 [Gamma] (July 2012)

This release focuses on stability and minor improvements to existing features. New & fixed features this release:

  • New: IBID records are now linked to the patient demographics that were active at the time of the IBID records (date point is either admission, assessment, referral or causation dates)
  • New: Replication batch size limitation is removed when exiting the app.
  • New: IBIDA_Demography calculations are now run when patient demographics records are updated.
  • New: Patient Search results form now has a "max-records" type summary caption to provide feedback on the number of records returned.
  • New: Ability to filter most recent number of days from dependency list.
  • New: Improved icons for Validation Errors to be less urgent to emphasise their ""guidance"" element.
  • New: Add IBID Field List help button to IBID Form to direct to help website.
  • New: Dependency - allow selection of linked iBID record via drop down lookup list.
  • Fixed: Postcode Analysis Calculations are producing DNK for all values (causation and demographics)
  • Fixed: Patient demographics records were showing non-contiguous record start and end times for name & address records.
  • Fixed: BIBID Data Transfer incorrectly setting record start times for patient name/address records, which is erroneous.
  • Fixed: Showing existing form does not switch to correct tab
  • Fixed: Safecall error on demographics query run with a single Description keyword.
  • Fixed: Bulk Replication: remove Private_Delta_Details from export
  • Fixed: Memory Leak of UserInfo complex type from server module.
  • Fixed: Ensure dashboard side panel re-sizes correctly after closing search panels.
  • Fixed: Dependency Query: need to sub-categorise ICU Scoring fields.
  • Fixed: Dependency - remove the patient status glyph as it confuses users.
  • Fixed: Dashboard Sidebar occasionally disappears when opening a query
  • Fixed: Query Results - needs to show how many records are showing and the max records setting
  • Fixed: Dependency Form not able to edit any data > 7 days old even when hitting Edit button

Version 0.9.14 [Gamma] (July 2012)

iBID Database version 38.4

This version fixes a number of bugs identified during the recent user training session, including the missing Afghanistan from the country code list. It also introduces two new query tools:

  • Dependency Query
  • Dependency Theatre/Intervention Query

The product is now a Gamma release.

Version 0.9.13 [Beta] (July 2012)

The versions up to 0.9.14 have fixed lots of bugs and improved the stability of the product. Major improvements have been made to the data replication module in response to the large amounts of data expected from the BIBID Transfer.

Version 0.9.9 [Beta] (June 2012)

This version introduces the BIBID Import and Transfer Utility. For more information see [http:

Version 0.9.8 [Beta] (May 2012)

This release fixed a major bug that was preventing data entry for a new ibid record.

Version 0.9.7 [Beta] (May 2012)

This update predominantly concentrates on interfacing the various online help systems with the software. Each page or tab will have it's own user help focussed web page. Each form in the application has a Help menu, under which one or several help items will appear depending on the number of tabs & embedded forms that are showing. There is also a quick access toolbar button containing a drop down menu of help items.

At the moment the help system is not 100% complete, so some pages may just direct you to a generic help page. The help links will be updated as and when the pages are created.

The help pages are, where appropriate, shown in a tab within the software, using an embedded web browser. Future versions may allow a choice of internal or external browser.

We've also added an internal database upgrade mechanism in the server app. This is triggered on start up of the software and now allows the software to automatically upgrade the database as well as being able to automatically upgrade the software.

We've also fixed a number of bugs reported by users, and found by internal QA. See the change log for more information on fixes.

Next release will focus on bug fixes and quality issues only. We will be developing an import process for BIBID v1 databases in parallel.

Version 0.9.6 [Beta] (Apr 2012)

This release concentrates on bug fixing following a detailed testing period, and fixes approximately 15 bugs reported in our ticketing system.

The major new feature in this release is the addition of a Validation Error report on each of the Patient Folder, and iBID forms. This complements the dashboard validation error report & provides a more focussed view of validation errors within specific patients & ibid records.

Version 0.9.5 [Beta] (Apr 2012)

IBID Database Version 37

The installation program has been changed: if you install over the top of an existing standalone installation, it now will not overwrite the database. The database file is still deleted if you uninstall the program. If you want to overwrite your database file, then you must uninstall before installing the new version.

The patient search function treats the NHS Number as a more important search criteria. It now searches for the NHS Number OR (all of the other criteria). Previously, search criteria that included the NHS NUmber with other criteria may not locate any records if the other criteria didn't match even though the NHS Number was present in the database. This fixes that and reduces the possibility of introducing duplicate NHS Numbers in the database.

Fixed some bugs with patient search function.

Version 0.9.4 [Beta] (Apr 2012)

IBID Database Version 37

Interim release to allow input of NHS Number in the following formats:


Version 0.9.3 bld 321 (Apr 2012)

IBID Database Version 37

This software version is primarily a bug fix release.

NHS Number & email address validation have been added to the patient search form. We've also added "inline" NHS Number validation to the patient editor form. Invalid NHS Numbers also added to validation errors data.

Date editor input kind & immediate drop down on typing options have been added to the User Options form so that users can switch to their preferred method.

Version 0.9.2 bld 317 (Mar 2012)

incorporating IBID Database Version 37

Checkbox controls are now three-state (previously two-state). The new "grey" state indicates uncertainty. This affects 99% of patient and iBID boolean-type fields. (Dependency boolean fields are unchanged). The checkboxes cycle through the values in the following order: No -> Unknown -> Yes. The stored values in the database are No=0, Yes=1 and Unknown=NULL.

An iBID Registration mechanism has been introduced in this version.

Ibid registration.png

This ensures that systems have to enter their official IBID Unit ID to become an iBID data provider. The registration form is visible on the dashboard and doesn't prevent access to other functions like creating a patient, querying the database and viewing reports.

The behaviour of iBID None Apply type field has been changed. In previous versions these fields hid their related option fields and then cleared them on saving. In this version ticking a None Apply type field leaves the related option fields visible and immediately clears them. This means that users can use the None Apply field to set all unknown values to No and can then selectively enter the Yes data.

The First Seen By Burns Consultant section has been moved from iBID Resusc to iBID Admission.

There have been a significant number of bugs fixed in this version.

Version 0.9.1 bld 302 (Mar 2012)

  • Fixed bug in calculating IBID analysis data

Version 0.9.1 bld 273 (Feb 2012)

Firstly, we've fixed a major showstopping bug that prevented the dependency record from opening. This bug was introduced in v0.9.0.

We've also fixed a major bug in the local "DLL" server version. This did not surface itself to the user, but it caused the standalone/offline version of AquilaCRS to remain in memory when the program should have exited.

The big news in this release is the introduction of IBID Analysis. This feature means that approximately 45 new fields are available in the IBID Query feature. The new fields range from detailed analysis of postcode data, age categorisation thru to critical care minimum dataset compliant organ support "days" information. AquilaCRS calculates these values as you enter data, but in a separate thread to avoid blocking the user interface.

Years in dates are now represented as four digits everywhere. Date input of two digit years have a century window that extends back 98 years as most date entry will be retrospective.

The demographics search function defaults to showing the individual search fields now instead of the more advanced "Google" like single text entry. This single text entry field is still available at the top of the dashboard screen. It's a great productivity feature and detailed context help will be provided for this feature.

A number of IBID screens have had their layout adjusted in response to user comments.

Staff related fields in IBID admission, referral and discharge screens have had their drop down button removed to ensure user is aware that the field is a free-text field, even though a drop down list of values is still available.

The patient search function used to show a single text field (a la Google) but users requested a simpler search solution by exposing individual search fields by default.

We have fixed a large number of bugs in this release too.