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Subject: IBID v2.2.1.2900 now available

Dear all,

The upgrades to IBID version 2.2 server & desktop are now available to download from

To access the new version please log in to -- if you do not have a user account please register here: All files are in the Downloads > IBID Software Downloads section.


- From version 2.2 AquilaCRS/IBID will be dropping support for MS SQL Server 2005. The oldest supported version is MS SQL Server 2008 R2. - please ensure all users are off the application & back up the IBID database before attempting the upgrade - download & run on your IBID server machine as a normal Windows set-up wizard. - detailed instructions:


- Thin client installations will need to use the full installation here: - Some PC installed clients will receive an upgrade to the desktop application automatically in the coming days. - The rest of the PC installed clients will need to be manually upgraded by someone with local administrator privileges.

There is no specific order in which to upgrade, but some of the bigger new features will not become available until both server and desktop are up to date.



For assistance, questions or other requirements please raise a new help desk case at or by emailing or calling 01964 503400.

Kind regards,