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This is a Technical (IT) Instructions topic

The aqDBUpgrade.exe command line utility is distributed with the AquilaServer product, and is utilised during every upgrade of the AquilaServer component.

It performs two tasks

  1. To perform any metadata updates to the database structure, i.e. new tables or fields, new validation rules, etc
  2. To recalculate analysis data, e.g. iBID analysis. Often a server upgrade will include modifications to the analysis formula, and this allows the server to recalculate historical records. All changes are audited to allow for national replication where implemented.

However, it can be run at any time in order to force a recalculation of all the analysis data held by the database.

   aqDBUpgrade {server url}  

performs database upgrade only

   aqDBUpgrade {server url} /R  

performs database upgrade AND analysis Recalculation

   aqDBUpgrade {server url} /U- /R 

does not perform the database upgrade, only the Recalculation.

The switch /U- on it's own causes the aqDBUpgrade.exe utility to do nothing, and is pointless.

In all cases, substitute {server url} for the server connection at your installation.