Database Migration

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The following steps are for migrating your database whilst keeping the application server in the same location:

  • Ensure new server has SQL Server installed and available
  • If you're using SQL Server Logins; create a new login for the AquilaServer service to connect that matches your previous installation. For more info please see Creating a SQL Server Login.
  • Stop the Aquilaserver service on the application server to prevent user access.
  • Backup database on old server
  • Transfer & restore database to new server
  • Edit the aquilaserver.ini file in the installation folder on the application server to reflect the new database location
  • Restart the AquilaServer service.
  • AquilaCRS client re-configuration is not necessary.

AquilaServer and Database Migration

It is recommended to migrate one component at a time & ensure the system is fully functioning and then migrate the other component.

E.g. migrate the database first, ensure the system works & then perform the AquilaServer migration steps.

If you have a single server running both AquilaServer and the Database you should also migrate one component at a time to the new server.