Delete an IBID Record

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This topic is for IBID

Delete IBID Record

  • Open Patient folder and open the Ibid record due to be deleted.
  • Go to the Ibid Record Tools option on the toolbar.


There are two options Move or Delete IBID Record For further details regarding moving an ibid record, please follow link to Moving IBID Records

  • Click Delete Ibid Record

A confirmation box will appear with user name of person logged on at the time of Ibid Record deletion, this is for audit purposes and although the information is not recoverable the person deleting can be traced. For security purposes it is advisable the user does not leave Aquila on and unattended at any time.


  • Tick "Confirm understanding that delete cannot be undone" tickbox.
  • Enter the reason the Ibid record is being deleted.
  • Click the Delete button to proceed with delete or Cancel to return to Ibid Record.

The Ibid record will be deleted and the user will be returned to the patient folder.

The Patient's Ibid record will not be removed from any lists until the page has been refreshed.

If there are linked dependency records still linked to this patient record an Error box will appear.


Delete the Daily Dependency records as shown on Deleting Dependency before proceeding with deleting the Ibid Record.