IBID National Database Upgrade

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This is a Technical (IT) Instructions topic


  1. Remove/rename existing cgi-bin\AquilaWeb.exe file to prevent further audit trail uploads from burn services
  2. Stop the rebuilder service
  3. Backup the database & verify
  4. Run SQL script to update the database & check for zero errors: iBID DBv39 Upgrade SQL Script
  5. Run AquilaServer_2.2_upgrade_32-bit_No-recalc.exe file: AquilaServer v2.2 Upgrade
  6. Deploy the supplied AquilaWeb.exe module: AquilaWeb v2.2
  7. Restart the rebuilder service

Recovery on Upgrade Failure

At any point should the upgrade fail the recovery procedure is:

  1. Restore the database from the backup
  2. Uninstall any version of AquilaServer & install the previous version of AquilaServer (available from EHS)
  3. Remove the latest version of AquilaWeb & replace with previous version (available from EHS)
  4. start the rebuilder & re-schedule