AquilaCRS Pre-requisites

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This is a Technical (IT) Instructions topic

SQL Server

  • MS SQL Server 2008 R2 or later
  • Express edition or above supported, can be installed on same server as application server or as part of existing cluster.
  • Minimum database rights required: read, write & DDL.
  • Application server required own SQL Server login if using SQL Authentication Mode or set the appropriate permissions & use Windows Authentication Mode.

Application Server

The application server software component needs installing on a server. The server can be either physical or virtual, shared or dedicated.

  • SQL Server Native Client drivers or ADO for database access.
  • Physical or virtual machine.
  • Any Windows Server O/S.
  • Minimum RAM 4Gb as a standalone application server or 8Gb+ if hosting SQL Server on the same machine.
  • App Server install requires 60Mb free disk space
  • More HD required if hosting SQL Server on the same machine - as directed by the SQL Server min spec & the database size/case load.

Client PC Specifications

  • Windows - see Supported operating systems
  • Minimum RAM 2Gb
  • 1024 x 768 minimum screen resolution.
  • Requires 60Mb free disk space for installation
  • Internet connection with access to the URL's listed on Aquila Software Status.
  • Local admin rights to install/upgrade the IBID desktop application, OR perform a per-user installation.


  • Thin client solution, such as Citrix.

For those that have installed the all users version, i.e. for Citrix or other thin client solutions, you will need to manually upgrade the application. For instructions how to manually upgrade please follow link to How to make sure your software is up to date.

For more information on writeable folders that are shared between users, please read the Shared writeable folders.