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This topic is for AquilaCRS

User Or Staff

Staff are different to users, users are members of staff that "use" IBID, these can be admin, Nurse, Doctor or P.A.M.S, not all staff are users of IBID such as Consultants, but will still need a staff record to allow the user to input relevant data, such as the following.

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Staff Records

Only administrators should edit another member of staff's record. Log on to Aquila CRS System Administration, when editing another member of staff's record you should have your own "administrator" user name and password. If not, please contact the IT Department.

Double click on the Aquila CRS icon on the desktop, or choose from the list of programs. Enter your administrator user name and password in the relevant field.

See also Login to AquilaCRS

Once you have entered the Aquila CRS System Administration the IBID Installation and Set Up Page will be shown by default.

A list of tabs will be displayed IBID Installation & Setup, User and Staff Records, DB Version Hx and Local PC Settings.

Please click on the User & Staff Records Tab


Users are listed in the top field list and staff are listed in the bottom field list.

Editing User Records

To edit a user click on the "edit" button, for the user these are the first set of edit buttons coloured gold.

Once you have entered in your "New User" as shown in Managing Users there are only a few fields that should be edited

Entering Staff Records

To enter a staff record click on the blue "New Staff" button on your tool bar, a New Staff Form will appear.

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Staff Record

  • Name Field - Fill in the Full name for your member of staff
  • GMC Code- General Medical Council, usually for Doctors or Consultants it is made up of 6 digits. GMC code will automatically be entered in the relevant fields in IBID.
  • Role - Choose from the following, Admin Doctor, Nurse, or P.A.M.S. The role chosen allocates the correct insertion to the drop down lists in IBID.
  • Grade - Select from Senior, Trainee, or student.
  • Telephone - Optional may be useful internally.
  • Mobile Phone - Optional may be useful internally.
  • Email Address - This is important as we will need to respond to the user if they need fill in a bug report.
  • User name (Link) - Enter the user name here to link the user profile and staff profile if a member of staff is also using Aquila CRS.

Click "OK" and the member of staff will be added to the staff data fields in the bottom list and will be added to the relevant fields in IBID.

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Users Editing Their Own Profile

Once a user has logged in to Aquila CRS their own profile can be accessed by

  • clicking Tools on the tool bar and choosing User Profile.
  • by clicking "Logged in as users name" with the gold icon in the centre of the Aquila Task bar