Version 2.2 Upgrade email to Users

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Subject: IBID v2.2.1.2900 now available.

Dear all,

The upgrade to IBID version 2.2 is now available.

- Some users will receive an upgrade to the desktop application automatically in the coming days. - Other users will need to manually upgrade with assistance from their IT department. - To check please see - Thin client (Citrix, App-V, etc) users will need to wait for the IT department to make the new version available.

MAJOR CHANGES IN V2.2 - **New: iBID data fields - see - **New: Significant Events module - New: Care Journal v2 - New: Pre Injury Psychological & Physio Scoring module - New: Creating Dependency record asks for parent IBID record first. - **Updated IBID cards on Patient Folder to include Dependency summary data - New data lists in Patient Folder & iBID records. - New critical level validation messages - Validation messages are no longer replicated to the National Database - **Updated analysis calculations - Numerous bug fixes, speed & other minor improvements please see (AquilaCRS 2.2 Bug Fix List)

    • these features will only become available once the IBID server is upgraded by your IT department.

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For assistance, questions or other requirements please raise a new helpdesk case at or by emailing or calling 01964 503400.

Kind regards,